Saturday, June 28, 2014

What The Democrats Did In Mississippi Was Despicable

If the above article may be believed, Chris McDaniel is going to challenge the crooked primary election in Mississippi, where the Republican establishment's decrepit Thad Cochran used black Democrat voters in order to hold on to a seat which the majority of the party in Mississippi clearly felt he had occupied for too long. 

The normal people of Mississippi clearly wanted Chris McDaniel as their candidate in November, and they were denied that right by a conspiracy between Thad Cochran and the state Democratic party to get blacks to vote in the Republican primary in order to defeat the normal candidate and put in the elderly RINO. 

It was the Democratic machine in Mississippi, not Cochran's campaign, who wrote and printed the leaflets, and the Democrats who made the robo-calls. It is entirely possible that Thad Cochran himself was unaware of what the Democrats were doing.

As usual, the Democrats were unable to win an election, even a Republican election, without using fraud. While under Mississippi state law it is true that blacks who had not voted in the Democratic primary were allowed to vote in the Republican primary, it would seem that many thousands of blacks simply voted twice, once for the Democrat and once for the Republican. 

That's illegal, but since the Democrats are now the ruling party and act with a complete lack of accountability, from our Manchild President on down, nothing will be done about it. W wish Chris McDaniel luck with his courtroom challenge, but when was the last time anyone heard of any court actually invalidating the results of a crooked election in this country and forcing the cheater to actually disgorge his ill-gained office and its profits? 

McDaniel's lawsuit will probably get its first hearing by a judge sometime in November, on the Wednesday after election day.

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