Monday, June 30, 2014

"They Will Never Be Removed"

[From Northwest Observer, July 2014]
Word has spread around the world that the Democratic régime now openly refuses to enforce this country’s immigration laws. Even the normally supine RINO Republicans are protesting. 

At a hearing on the tsunami-like flood of “unaccompanied minors” (including large numbers of Mexican and Salvadorean gang members) crossing the Southwest border, Rep. Bob Goodlatte argued that the influx is a crisis of the régime’s s own making. “These individuals know that the administration’s policy of non-enforcement of our American immigration laws presents them with a golden opportunity to come to the U.S., most likely to be released with very little chance of ever being removed,” Goodlatte said. “It is often said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Unfortunately, it seems Obama now fiddles while our borders implode.”

Quite true, for all the good that words do. We are being overrun by foreign invaders who are coming to take everything we have, large sections of our southern border area now resemble the Camp of the Saints, and we are resisting with words. Gee, how can we possibly lose?

95 percent of recent border-crossers said the reason they came here illegally was to take advantage of a new law that grants a free pass to women traveling with minors and also for unaccompanied minors. “Apparently, word has gotten out that once encountered by Border Patrol agents and processed, thanks to this administration’s lax enforcement policies, one will likely never be removed,” Rep. Goodlatte said. 

Look, people. How much more are normal people going to take?

We have a mulatto president who is rapidly turning into an American Idi Amin if not an American Stalin, acting completely outside the law, violating his oath of office in more ways that can be counted, and who is ruling against the will of the people. That rumbling sound you hear is George Washington, Tom Jefferson and Ben Franklin turning in their graves at our craven surrender.

Impeachment simply isn’t practical because the Democrats control the Senate, and in any case the gutless Republicans don’t have the balls to impeach. And then there is the 1000-pound elephant in the room—what if they do impeach, they convict, and Barry decides he doesn’t feel like leaving office? What then?
We are terrified to discuss the last resort solution that the Founding Fathers left us.  But the balloon really does seem to be going up. At some point in time, something has to give and inaction will no longer be an option.
Do you understand that in a few years there will be nothing left here, for anyone?

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