Monday, June 20, 2016

Clinton Privilege

Dear me. It seems as if Bill and Hill are really one of "us."

What do you want to bet the two of them simply ignore this--and get away with it. Not called down on it by the media once, whereas a Republican would be hounded to the gates of hell by it.

Call it Clinton Privilege.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

From Radio Free Northwest, June 16th, 2016

Right, latest update on the horse race. On the Republican side, the RINOs are still looking for some way to screw Trump out of the nomination at the convention in Cleveland, but so far they don’t seem to be having much luck. They’re muttering about changing the rules at the convention to allow pledged delegates to quote-unquote “vote their conscience,” and then once the delegates are theoretically free on the first ballot they start bribing, bribing, bribing right left and center.

The questions which then arise are A) how they do this without destroying their own party’s base, pretty much all of whom seem to want Trump, like they voted for, and who won’t appreciate their millions of votes being ignored? and  B) Who the hell do they nominate for president in place of Trump and his millions of votes?

What major RINO is sufficiently suicidal as to take on this task? Will they air-lift in Mitt Romney again? Yeah, like that worked so well last time. Unless they can persuade some Republican governor or Congressman no one ever heard of to take the nomination, I’m not sure they’ll be even able to get that plan off the ground at all.

Also, of course, if they do steal Trump’s nomination and they run some empty suit, they are effectively handing the presidency right to the Hildebeest, who is a criminal, a pathological liar, and pretty obviously not in her right mind, and I’m not sure all of the Republicans would be willing to do that no matter how much they hate Donald Trump.

If they steal his nomination Trump will run as a third party candidate or independent and that’s the Republican party gone right down the bowl. Millions of White people will never trust the GOP again and they will lose their base completely. Screw Trump and they’re gone, and I think some of them have enough sense to realize it.

Now, over on the Democrat side, that damned old Jewish hippie still won’t give up and bow down to Mommy Dearest and acknowledge her greatness as the first female whatever the hell she’s supposed to be. Even though the Beest is technically the nominee now, it looks like the Bernie Bros are planning to stage a fracas at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia next month and picketing and protesting against the Hildebeest and her Jewish hag factotum Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz who has helped Hillary rig the entire Democratic process from beginning to end.

It is possible that the 2016 Democratic convention may turn into a repetition of Chicago in 1968, which I know most of you people don’t remember, but the situation is actually similar. In 1968 the big issue was the war in Vietnam, of course, and the Democrats had a sort of hippie-dippie peace candidate in the person of a Senator named Eugene McCarthy, while the establishment candidate who stood for more of the same as LBJ was a non-entity named Hubert Humphrey. The young clean for Gene hippies ended up getting chased through the streets and tear-gassed and whupped up on by Democratic Mayor Daley’s cops for being stroppy and insolent to their elders and insisting that their candidate be given a fair shake.

In 2016 the Sea Hag is the establishment candidate and the so-called progressive and ultra-left candidate is an old Jew from Brooklyn who was probably one of the same hippies who was running around the streets of Chicago getting whupped up on back in 1968, so he hasn’t really changed much.
The Democratic convention is additionally complicated by the fact that Mommy Dearest is technically still under an FBI investigation for espionage and treason regarding her e-mail usage when she was secretary of state, although if any charges ever are brought against her that won’t be how they are worded.

They won’t be brought, though. Obama pretty much signaled that when he endorsed Hillary last week. I suspect the FBI has been given top-secret orders to sit on the whole mess until after the election, which is what they were pretty clearly doing anyway. I mean, come on now, the investigation is 15 months on and they haven’t even interviewed the prime suspect yet? They can send over 100 men to Oregon to murder Lavoy Finnicum in public, but they can’t spare two agents to talk to the prime suspect in an espionage and treason case? Yeah. Right.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016

From My Favorite Jew

I’ll say it again: Hillary is a horse that ain’t gonna finish. The Democrats better be prepared to haul Uncle Joe out of the closet, fluff up his transplanted hair, wax his dentures, give him a few Vitamin B-12 shots, and stick a harpoon in his fist for the autumn run against the White Whale (if Trump is actually nominated.) - James Howard Kunstler

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Screwing Hillary Out Of The Nomination

Okay, this hebe claims that the old Jewish hippie may yet find some way to edge out the Hildebeest at the convention, if only he can just somehow subvert all those damned superdelegates. He says it will be Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren on the Democratic ticket.