Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Hildebeest Did NOT Win The Popular Vote

This horse shit that "Hillary won the popular vote"  is going to be one of the enemy's propaganda mainstays. We need to stop-punch it right out of the starting gate.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

BWA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Okay, after a lifetime of persecution, we deserve a day of schadenfreude and mirth.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Another Couple Of Good Ones

Even Lefties Have Doubts

Those voting for Hillary Clinton, defending Clinton and supporting Clinton without reading the information reported by WikiLeaks are intellectually no different than those who criticize climate science without ever having read the science. 

In short, if you defend Clinton and ignore WikiLeaks, you have something in common with Sarah Palin. Let that sink in for a moment. Finished processing that? Now process this — if the journalists responsible for reporting on Watergate were labeled “Russian sympathizers,” charged by the media as “attempting to influence an election,” and banned from travel or communication access, how would history judge the event? 

This is exactly what has happened to Julian Assange, who has done more for journalism than any of these corporate-owned, brand-named media products have done this election cycle. Either you support access to information or you have a problem with an informed public. Which side are you on?

-Letter to the Denver Post

She's Not Right In The Head

In addition to being sick in body, Hillary Clinton is sick in mind as well, her heart and soul twisted with 50 years of resentment against people who dared to thwart her, stand in her way, or even disagree with her at all. Imagine the revenge she will take for a lifetime of perceived insults and wrongs once she finally gains the power to do so.

Did The Clintons Whack An FBI Agent?

It seems that an FBI agent who was allegedly involved in leaking information to the media about the Hillary e-mails and the Clinton Foundation has been found shot dead in Maryland, alongside his wife. Odd that this man should choose the very moment when he is causing the Clintons inconvenience and annoyance to commit a "murder-suicide."

The Clintons At The End Of All Things

by Victor Davis Hanson
The National Review 

What was the Clinton telos? The end point, the aim of all their lying, cheating, criminality, dishonor, and degradation? 

Given the latest Weiner scandals coming on top of the latest WikiLeaks scandals, we wonder, what did the Clintons really wish to end up as — and why? Are they Goethe’s Faust or tortured souls crushed by the weight of their money bags in Dante’s Fourth Circle of Hell? 

For a few criminals, remorse comes with old age; but for the Clintons, near-70 was to be the capstone, the last chance to trump all their prior shenanigans. They were artists of amorality, and the election of 2016 was to be their magnum opus. 

Collate the FBI reopened investigation, WikiLeaks Podesta trove, revelations about the Clinton Foundation, the e-mail–server scandal, the DNC disclosures, and the various off-the-cuff campaign remarks of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and one then ponders what was the point of the Clinton shakedowns, the loss of reputation, the crude lawbreaking, as they neared their seventh decade. To paraphrase Barack Obama, in his progressive sermonizing on making enough money, did the two ever think they had enough money, enough honors, enough power already? 

The Hillary/Bill fortune — generated by pay-for-play influence peddling on the proposition that Bill would return to the White House under Hillary’s aegis and reward friends while punishing enemies — hit a reported $150 million some time ago, a fortune built not on farming, mining, insurance, finance, high-tech, or manufacturing, but on skimming off money. The Clintons are simply grifters whose insider access to government gave them the power to make rich people richer. 

Long gone was the Scrooge-like need to write off used underwear as charitable tax deductions or to play 4-trillion-to-one odds in rigging a $100,000 cattle-futures profit on a $1,000 “investment,” or Hillary’s decade-and-a-half as a corporate lawyer masquerading as a children’s advocate. How pathetic the minor league Whitewater cons must seem now to the multimillionaire Clintons — such a tawdry ancient example of amateurish shakedowns when compared with the sophistication of real profiteering through the humanitarian-sounding, high-brow, corrupt Clinton Foundation. 

So the Clintons finally got their millions and what such millions can ensure for their separate lifestyles. They have at last beautiful gated estates, tasteful and secluded from hoi polloi, light years away from Arkansas and the Rose Law Firm. Progressive Chelsea married a multimillionaire hedge-fund operator whose father served five years in federal prison for bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.

Her parents’ profiteering can allow Chelsea to announce, perhaps even sincerely, that she is not interested in money. Why should she be, given her own reported $15 million net worth from maternal spin-off favors? She lives in a $10 million Manhattan residence, so her parents had no motivation to get more in order to “provide” for their offspring. Instead, was bringing Chelsea down to Bill and Hillary’s level as a Foundation fixer a way to leave her a post mortem primer on how to get even richer? 

In sum, there was certainly no need for Hillary to even have considered flying to the Moroccan autocracy on the eve of announcing her presidential candida to leverage a $12 million speaking “fee” from a cut-throat Moroccan mining company, Why the drive to pile profits on top of profits on top of profits? Or, as Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, put it of the quid pro quo fee (i.e., the mining company felt that it had gotten from the Clinton-run State Department a U.S.-financed Export-Import Bank loan of $92 million): 

"This was HRC’s idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request."

Translated: a President Hillary Clinton would probably have no regret that dozens of heads of state, the majority of them dictatorial and not especially friendly to the U.S., would feel that they had done business with Hillary and Bill — and she, as a recipient of their largess, would owe them commensurate attention. 

Why did multimillionaire Hillary charge UCLA, in the era of thousands of indebted students, $300,000 (rather than, say, $149,999.99) for a brief, platitudinous speech? Why did multimillionaire Bill need more than $17 million for being honorary “chancellor” of the financially for-profit but tottering Laureate University (whose spin-off associate organization was a recipient of State Department largesse)? Did he think the extra millions were worth the embarrassment of being the highest-paid and least-busy college executive in U.S. history? 

Apparently, the good life did not drive the Clintons so much as the quest for the supposed best life. Even though they had finally “made it” among the multimillionaire set, the Clintons always saw others (no doubt, deemed by them less deserving) with far, far more — whether Jeffery Epstein, with his ability to jet wherever and with whomever he pleased, or green half-a-billionaire Al Gore, who ran even more successful cons, such as rapidly selling a worthless cable TV station to beat impending capital-gains taxes, and selling it to none other than the anti-Semitic Al Jazeera, whose carbon-generated profits come from autocratic Qatar. (The media never audited Gore’s attempt to become a cable mogul, unlike their current concerns about a potential Trump media outlet). 

The rich did not pressure the Clintons for paid favors as much as they sought out the Clintons as targets for graft. They certainly understand and smile at Hillary’s boilerplate promise of “making the rich pay their fair share” — the mantra of those who are worth over $100 million and immune from the impact of any tax hikes, or, for that matter, immune from any consequences whatsoever of their own ideology. 

The Clintons suffer from greed, as defined by Aristotle: endless acquisition solely for the benefit of self. With their insatiable appetites, they resented the limits that multimillionaire status put on them, boundaries they could bypass only by accumulating ever greater riches.

The billion-dollar foundation squared the circle of progressive politicians profiting from the public purse by offering a veneer of “doing good” while offering free luxury travel commensurate with the style of the global rich, by offering sinecures for their loyal but otherwise unemployable cronies, and by spinning off lobbying and speaking fees (the original font of their $100-million-plus personal fortune and the likely reason for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision to put all her communications, mercantile included, on a private server safe from government scrutiny). Acquiring money to the extent that money would become superfluous was certainly a Clinton telos — and the subtext of the entire Podesta trove and the disclosures about the Clinton Foundation. 

Power and pride were the other catalyst for Clinton criminality. I don’t think progressive politics mattered much to the Clintons, at least compared with what drives the more sincere Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Hillary, like Bill, has no real political beliefs — though she doesn’t hesitate to pursue a mostly opportunistic progressive political agenda. By temperament and background, the Clintons are leftists and will follow a leftist vision, sort of, but one predicated on doing so within the constraints of obtaining and keeping power. 

Trade deals? Hillary is flexible given the fickle public mood. Fracking? It depends on where the money is. The Keystone Pipeline? What are the pros and cons in key swing states? Wall Street criminality? One has to distinguish a wink-and-nod political fa├žade from a private flexibility. Gay marriage? She can reluctantly “evolve” under pressure. Immigration? It hinges on Latino demography in swing states, and how bothersome, as their aides put it, “needy” Latinos and “brown” op-ed writers become. Black Lives Matter? Had the black vote not won Obama the 2008 and 2012 elections, Hillary would probably have persisted in Bill’s 1990’s mode (when he condemned rap singer Sister Soulja for her racism and her anti-white rhetoric) and in her own critique of black “super predators,” as she called gang members in 1996.

For the Clintons, power is the narcotic of being sought out, of being surrounded by retainers, of bringing enemies to heel and enticing sycophants with benefits. Liberalism and progressivism are mere social and cultural furniture. 

For the Clintons, power is the narcotic of being sought out, of being surrounded by retainers, of bringing enemies to heel and enticing sycophants with benefits. Liberalism and progressivism are mere social and cultural furniture, the “correct” politics of their background that one mouths and exploits to obtain and maintain political clout — and to get really, really rich without guilt or apology. 

As in the quest for lucre, the Clintons’ appetite for high-profile authority is endless. Just as $150 million seemed as nothing compared with the billions and billions raked in by their friends and associates, so too eight years in the White House, tenure as governor, senator, or secretary of state were never enough. In between such tenures, the Clintons suffered droughts when they were not on center stage and in no position to wield absolute power, as they watched less deserving folk (the Obamas perhaps in particular) gain inordinate attention. A Hillary presidency would give the Clintons unprecedented Peronist-like power, in a manner unlike any couple in American history.

Of course, the Clintons are not only corrupt but cynical as well. They accept that the progressive media, the foundations, the universities, the bureaucracies, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley honor power more than trendy left-wing politics; they well understand that their fans will, for them, make the necessary adjustments to contextualize Clinton criminality or amorality. Sexual predations, the demonization of women, graft, and unequal protection under the law are also of no consequence to the inbred, conflicted, and morally challenged media – who will always check in with the Clinton team, like errant dogs who scratch the backdoor of their master after a periodic runaway.

The Clintons have contempt for the media precisely because the media are so obsequious. They smile, that, like themselves, the media are easily manipulated and compromised — to the extent of offering their articles, before publication, for Clinton approval (as the New York Times’ Mark Leibovich did; leaking debate questions to the Clinton campaign (as Donna Brazile did); or saying (as Politico’s chief political correspondent did), “I have become a hack. . . .  Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this Tell me if I f**ked up anything.” The Clintons view such sycophants not with affection, but with disdain, given that they are moochers no better than the Clintons, with the same base desires, albeit better camouflaged by their pretense of objectivity. 

To paraphrase Demosthenes’s warning of the impending arrival of the war-scarred and half-blind Philip II, the Clintons have devoted their lives, their health, their very bodies and souls to get where they are. And their visible scars prove it. 

They have long ago lost any sense of shame — Bill is hourly caricatured as a sexual predator, and the best that can be said of Hillary’s character is that the bankrupt Left shrugs, “She may be a crook, but she’s our crook.” In Dorian Gray fashion, their sins are now imprinted on their faces and visible in their tremors.

They were and are capable of any and everything.  And one wonders whether, in fleeting seconds here at the end of things, they still believe that it was all worth what they have become.

Updating Site

This site doesn't have much readership--lost in the shuffle, I suppose--but I should have kept it up better during the election. The old story about one's ass being submerged in alligators.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

RINOS Trying To Force Trump Out

Just a quick note: it looks like the RINOs may be finally making their move on Trump and trying to force him out of the presidential race on the grounds that remarks he made 11 years ago constitute the same as him "dying while on campaign" and therefore they can invoke the GOP's emergency rules and replace him with the rather insipid cuck Mike Pence.

I think the entire system is panicking now that the Hildebeest's Goldman-Sachs speech has been leaked by Wikileaks. I think there is now a consensus among the political power structure that we can't be allowed a chance to vote for Trump. If they can't force him to quit the race, now may be the time for that funny little man to step out of the crowd with a pistol in his hand.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Test - Liberal Halloween Yuk

Test run to see if I can get this big enough so people can read this crap, then I'll put it on the main blog come Halloween.

Hillary's Secret Hospital

Sorry, I am succumbing to election fever. This wandered in off the Net.

Is Chelsea's apartment a licensed medical facility?

A presidential candidate collapses at a ceremony in NYC...and is shoved, unconscious, by SS into a van like a side of beef and rushed off...not to one of the many world-class hospitals and clinics nearby...but to her daughter's $11 million apartment.

Sound odd? It did to me.

So I looked up a bit about Chelsea's new apartment.:

Real estate listing on her apartment:

I discovered that it exactly shares an address with:

METROCARE HOME SERVICES, INC. 21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl New York, NY 10010

SAME address..SAME Floor...only one apartment per floor.

For a woman very secretive about her ambiguous medical conditions who avoids hospitals like the plague, it occurred to me that when the Clintons bought this incredibly expensive apartment for their daughter in 2013...they may have also purchased it with the intent of using it as a secret private medical treatment facility for Hillary to use during her anticipated campaign.

To the would only appear Hillary was just dropping in for a visit with her daughter...when, in reality, she is receiving medical treatment and controlled substances from private physicians and private pharmacists...on private property (no need for disclosure).

If so, Chelsea's apt. served its secret purpose flawlessly this Sunday.

It makes sense that to establish a clandestine medical treatment facility in a residential apartment--one which is legally compliant with the controlled substances dispensing/stocking/delivery & shipping requirements...and one which is able to legally supply and treat a private patient with the drugs needed, one would also have to register the address as a medical treatment facility.

In this case, I would assume the Clinton Foundation would be the controlling entity.

A staff (and private) doctor or pharmacist would then be employed (Hillary has two) to legally treat the patient, practice medicine within the confines of the private residence...and dispense drugs to that private patient without any disclosure.

This sham medical facility, while legally registered as a public care facility...would also have to be closed to the public in order to operate without any disclosure.

THIS is exactly what appears to be taking place at 21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl., New York, NY.


State website:

Listed on Yelp:

Friday, September 16, 2016

A Frog In Her Throat

I'm not happy with the idea that we need validation by the likes of the Sea Hag, but this is another great graphic. I have to say this: alt.right proves that we have no shortage of young creative talent on our side.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

This Is Actually A Serious Issue

Four days off is a long time. How long does it take for the Hildebeest to eat babies?

Seriously, dewds, a presidential candidate completely disappears for four days at a time? WTF?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Battle of the Narrative

Look's like it's the Battle of the Polls as Team Hildebeest tries to seize control of the narrative and demoralize White voters until they stay home on November 8th. This is going to be a recurring theme over the next 12 weeks.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Re-Writing History

I notice that Salon Magazine is now busily re-writing the history of the Democratic National Convention last week. The Bernie Bros are now the "Bernouts."

Monday, July 25, 2016

Corrruption, Thy Name Is Democrat

Watching those nimrods in Philadelphia is a hoot! I understand they're now sending goon squads into the crowd to confiscate Bernie Sanders signs, and handing out some lilac "Love Trumps Hate" signs which the Bernie Bros are altering in some way back into Sanders signs, not sure how.

This is going to get better and better over the next few days, I think.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

News Media Reminder

Yes, I know this is a shockingly lazy habit I've fallen into, but some of these graphics are just so damned good they have to be shared.

Friday, July 15, 2016

I Don't Think She Gets It

I honestly don't think the Hildebeest has a clue as to how much normal people loathe and despise her. This business of rigging her own FBI investigation right out in public on an airport tarmac seems to have been the last straw.

Now that it looks like the #NeverTrump RINOs have fallen flat on their "rules change," I begin to have a small amount of hope that Trump will win. The Sea Hag is just too bitter a pill to jam down normal people's throats.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Trouble Is, This Is True.

The problem is that this is quite true. There are White people who react like this, even when they themselves are the victims of diversity. Yes, I've seen that in black crime victims. That's what really freaks me out.

Friday, July 8, 2016

They Didn't Even Put Her Under Oath (Updated)

Apparently the Hildebeest wasn't even put under oath during her "interview" with the FBI, and no transcript was kept, so she can never be charged with lying to the FBI.

Jesus Christ on a raft.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Clinton Privilege

Dear me. It seems as if Bill and Hill are really one of "us."

What do you want to bet the two of them simply ignore this--and get away with it. Not called down on it by the media once, whereas a Republican would be hounded to the gates of hell by it.

Call it Clinton Privilege.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

From Radio Free Northwest, June 16th, 2016

Right, latest update on the horse race. On the Republican side, the RINOs are still looking for some way to screw Trump out of the nomination at the convention in Cleveland, but so far they don’t seem to be having much luck. They’re muttering about changing the rules at the convention to allow pledged delegates to quote-unquote “vote their conscience,” and then once the delegates are theoretically free on the first ballot they start bribing, bribing, bribing right left and center.

The questions which then arise are A) how they do this without destroying their own party’s base, pretty much all of whom seem to want Trump, like they voted for, and who won’t appreciate their millions of votes being ignored? and  B) Who the hell do they nominate for president in place of Trump and his millions of votes?

What major RINO is sufficiently suicidal as to take on this task? Will they air-lift in Mitt Romney again? Yeah, like that worked so well last time. Unless they can persuade some Republican governor or Congressman no one ever heard of to take the nomination, I’m not sure they’ll be even able to get that plan off the ground at all.

Also, of course, if they do steal Trump’s nomination and they run some empty suit, they are effectively handing the presidency right to the Hildebeest, who is a criminal, a pathological liar, and pretty obviously not in her right mind, and I’m not sure all of the Republicans would be willing to do that no matter how much they hate Donald Trump.

If they steal his nomination Trump will run as a third party candidate or independent and that’s the Republican party gone right down the bowl. Millions of White people will never trust the GOP again and they will lose their base completely. Screw Trump and they’re gone, and I think some of them have enough sense to realize it.

Now, over on the Democrat side, that damned old Jewish hippie still won’t give up and bow down to Mommy Dearest and acknowledge her greatness as the first female whatever the hell she’s supposed to be. Even though the Beest is technically the nominee now, it looks like the Bernie Bros are planning to stage a fracas at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia next month and picketing and protesting against the Hildebeest and her Jewish hag factotum Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz who has helped Hillary rig the entire Democratic process from beginning to end.

It is possible that the 2016 Democratic convention may turn into a repetition of Chicago in 1968, which I know most of you people don’t remember, but the situation is actually similar. In 1968 the big issue was the war in Vietnam, of course, and the Democrats had a sort of hippie-dippie peace candidate in the person of a Senator named Eugene McCarthy, while the establishment candidate who stood for more of the same as LBJ was a non-entity named Hubert Humphrey. The young clean for Gene hippies ended up getting chased through the streets and tear-gassed and whupped up on by Democratic Mayor Daley’s cops for being stroppy and insolent to their elders and insisting that their candidate be given a fair shake.

In 2016 the Sea Hag is the establishment candidate and the so-called progressive and ultra-left candidate is an old Jew from Brooklyn who was probably one of the same hippies who was running around the streets of Chicago getting whupped up on back in 1968, so he hasn’t really changed much.
The Democratic convention is additionally complicated by the fact that Mommy Dearest is technically still under an FBI investigation for espionage and treason regarding her e-mail usage when she was secretary of state, although if any charges ever are brought against her that won’t be how they are worded.

They won’t be brought, though. Obama pretty much signaled that when he endorsed Hillary last week. I suspect the FBI has been given top-secret orders to sit on the whole mess until after the election, which is what they were pretty clearly doing anyway. I mean, come on now, the investigation is 15 months on and they haven’t even interviewed the prime suspect yet? They can send over 100 men to Oregon to murder Lavoy Finnicum in public, but they can’t spare two agents to talk to the prime suspect in an espionage and treason case? Yeah. Right.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016

From My Favorite Jew

I’ll say it again: Hillary is a horse that ain’t gonna finish. The Democrats better be prepared to haul Uncle Joe out of the closet, fluff up his transplanted hair, wax his dentures, give him a few Vitamin B-12 shots, and stick a harpoon in his fist for the autumn run against the White Whale (if Trump is actually nominated.) - James Howard Kunstler

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Screwing Hillary Out Of The Nomination

Okay, this hebe claims that the old Jewish hippie may yet find some way to edge out the Hildebeest at the convention, if only he can just somehow subvert all those damned superdelegates. He says it will be Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren on the Democratic ticket.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Salon Has A Michael Kinsley Moment

[In liberalese, a "Michael Kinsley moment" is when someone in politics or the media inadvertently blurts out the truth.]
"As for affluent white liberals, they are obliged to profess their affection for poor black people even as they organize their entire lives around avoiding sending their children to school with them"

 - Daniel Denvir, Salon Magazine

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trump Takes A Leaf Out Of My Book

I see that Donald Trump has adopted my term for the loathsome Elizabeth Warren: "Pocahontas."

You're welcome, Donald.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Trump's VP Pick

Good comment from Mike Harris: if Trump is so foolish as to choose some RINO, country-club Republican in a nice suit as his veep pick, he is virtually guaranteeing his own assassination, because said RINO would obligingly cover up Trump's murder like LBJ covered up Kennedy's murder in 1964-5.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


This past week the Democratic primary is in fact more interesting than the Republican side, for once. There was a headline on Drudge yesterday that ran, “She Keeps Losing, So Why Is She Winning?” Referring to the Hildebeest and the way she has corrupted and rigged the Democratic primary, of course.
Essentially Hillary Clinton is doing to Bernie Sanders what Obama did to her eight years ago, but this time she’s got the George Soros cash, or if she doesn’t she’s got the Clinton Foundation cash. You have to realize, she’s been planning this for eight years, and that’s why she and Billyboy created this Clinton Family Foundation and have spent all these years prostituting themselves politically and for all we know in other ways to fill the coffers and secret Cayman Island bank accounts of that Foundation.
That’s why the Hildebeest is still roaring like gangbusters on the fund-raising front, begging or borrowing or stealing every dime she can. She is convinced that she is going to get that nomination by just plain buying it, and she may be right.
The Sanders campaign is coming under tremendous official and semi-official pressure from the Democratic establishment to withdraw from the race, but the old Jewish hippie is hanging on like grim death in the hope that the FBI will indict the Sea Hag on charges which, however they are worded, are tantamount to treason and espionage for using a private server which apparently was so insecure any 14 year-old could have hacked it from his high school computer lab. The thing is, I don’t think a federal indictment would stop the Hildebeest. I think she’s quite capable of simply proclaiming any such event to be part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” and continuing her campaign as if nothing had happened. Hey, they do it in Third World countries all the time.
The Republican primary is actually settling down a little since Trump is now obviously headed for the nomination. The only really big primary left is California on June 7th and now that the weasel Cruz and John What’s-His-Face are officially out he’s got that nailed. I’m not sure whether Cruz and Kasich are even going to be on the ballot in California or whether they dropped out of the race in time for their names to be removed.
So far, the RINOs don’t seem to have been able to put anything together on that proposed third party candidate idea to steal Trump’s votes and hand the election to Hillary Clinton rather than share their toys and play nice with Donald Trump and let Trump into their little club. It doesn’t look like they’ve been able to find any of their empty suits who are willing to fall on their sword for the good old GOP. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have already publicly said they won’t do it, and in any case the deadlines for third party registration in most states have already passed.
So most likely, if the hashtag #NeverTrump crowd does try anything it will be either at the convention itself or before then, because if they have any remaining smarts left at all they are going to have to try to eliminate Trump in time to get a properly convention-nominated candidate.
In the dead pool, so to speak, I personally think Trump is probably the most in danger of assassination from the Republicans between now and July 20th, almost two months of very high risk levels. If it’s the RINOs who take him out they’ll have to do it before then.
After the convention when he’s formally received the nomination is when the Clinton mob might try to take Trump out, once they realize that he will almost certainly beat the pants off Hillary Clinton in the general election.
I assume that the Republican establishment will still have sufficient contacts within what is known as the Deep State so that they can get access to the stable of strange oddball people who have apparently been programmed by the CIA or some similar outfit to go nutso and start shooting people more or less on command, be it a school full of children or a political rival of the power structure. Somebody like Paul Ryan or John McCain or certainly Dick Cheney or George Bush Senior knows who has the power and the authority make the call that tells the funny little man living all alone in his rented room that he has miles to go before he sleeps.
No, I’m not just being paranoid here: those of you from my generation may remember a charming little number called MK Ultra, otherwise known as the CIA mind control program. Remember the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana back in 1978? That was a massive MK Ultra to see if 900 niggers could be persuaded by one more or less white-ish man to commit suicide on command. It worked.
If on the other hand the Clintons decide to whack The Donald out, then they will probably call on the resources of George Soros, who will probably send in an outside team from Europe or Asia to take Trump down, so it’s more likely to be a long-range sniper shot. None of that up close and personal stuff they did with Jerry Parks and Vince Foster and all those bodies they dropped back in Arkansas.
However, it’s possible that Trump may in fact be mending his fence with the powerful Jewish and neo-con Republican establishment. There was an article floating around a few days ago which may be nothing but internet bullshit—that’s always a risk in getting your news off the Net, it might be trolling of some kind or just plain crap—anyway, this latest buzz off Drudge is that the billionaire casino Jew Sheldon Adelson, who pretty much single-handedly bankrolls the entire nation of Israel among other things, has offered Trump 100 million dollars in campaign donations and Trump has supposedly met with him. If so, that may mean that Trump has struck a deal with Adelson and the Zionist lobby, so we can expect some public act of submission to Israel to signal the world that he’s in the bag.

Monday, May 9, 2016

From My Favorite Jew

"Hillary Clinton, of course, is the Deep State incarnate, which is the real reason so few citizens trust her. Every poor schnook getting shaken down for a $90,000 appendectomy bill looks at Hillary and knows exactly what she represents. Every 25-year-old jobless, couch-surfing millennial carrying fifty-grand in college debt sees the face of the Deep State in her self-satisfied demi-smile. Mainly, she has gulled the diversity pimps — because they are wards of the Deep State — and women, because it’s Mommy’s “turn” to direct the Deep State."

-James Howard Kunstler

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ryan Challenged

Looks like the Donald Trump vengeance machine has been unleashed on Paul "RINO" Ryan in retaliation for his refusal to support the GOP front runner. reports: "House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin primary opponent Paul Nehlen said of Ryan on Saturday, 'He has betrayed us all, hasn’t he? He says he’s for a secure border. Then what’s he do? He funds every dangerous immigration policy through this $1.8 trillion omnibus. What he funded was all his special interest buddies.'

"Nehlen’s comments came during an exclusive interview Saturday with Breitbart News Saturday SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon. Nehlen pointed out again that 83 percent of Ryan’s campaign donations come from D.C., not his home district: 'The vast majority comes in the form of large campaign donations from inside the D.C. Beltway. … He sold his vote. He sold his vote. The same people that are donating to his campaign want these open border initiatives. This isn’t a Free Trade deal.'"

Yeah, that pretty much says it all. I don't know who this guy is but he's refreshingly outspoken and candid. Plus the fact that in "normal" circumstances, a sitting Speaker of the House shouldn't even be facing a primary at all.

"Nehlen also hit Ryan for bad-mouthing the presumptive GOP nominee, given his position as Speaker. 'He is bad-mouthing the presumptive nominee. It’s embarrassing; that’s what it is.' Added Nehlen, “I’m calling out the enemy. On your show this morning, I’m calling out the enemy. He is Speaker Paul Ryan.”

RINO resistance to Trump's inevitability seems to be cracking and crumbling as the horror of eight prospective years of the Hildebeest sets in, but that may be deceptive. There are rumors that they're trying to air-lift in some loser in a suit as a third party candidate to rob Trump of the presidency in the general election.

Or they may simply have Trump murdered.

But it is refreshing to see some active resistance of any kind against the RINOs and the system itself shaping up. One thing about the 2016 election: it may well leave the two-party system in this country a smoking ruin. "A consummation devoutly to be wished," as Shakespeare would say.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Again, hope this is readable. There are some great graphics on Twitter!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016