Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bankers Seek To Depose Brazil's Communist President

by Bill White
International bankers are financing Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Marina Silva against Brazil’s Communist Workers Party president, Dilma Rouseff, in an effort to privatize the Central Bank of Brazil and bring it further into the Rothschilds’ and Zionists’ international financial empire.

The Central Bank of Brazil is currently state-owned and part of Brazil’s Finance Ministry, though it is semi-autonomous and usury-based, lending rather than spending money into circulation. Silva wants to transfer the bank to private interests, so that the Brazilian state can no longer direct its financial policies.

Silva is a black envriornmental activist who has taken a sudden lead in Brazilian polls. Rouseff is a former Marxist guerrilla. The two are battling over a country of great contrasts, where an almost 50 percent black population descends from former slaves, lives in squalor, and is governed by a prosperous and often ultra-rich White minority—an image of what internationalists desire for the United States.

But as in many former Communist nations, Rouseff has a better domestic economic program than her moderate socialist and so-called moderate “right” opponents. Following the lead of the Soviet Union, which issued the ruble as an interest-free currency for its captive peoples, Rouseff has maintained control of Central Bank of Brazil’s current policies. While Central Bank of Brazil is semi-autonomous, its chief, Alexander Tombini, is a presidential appointee and serves at Ms. Rouseff's will.

Silva says that Rouseff has not allowed the Central Bank of Brazil to raise interest rates, now 11%, high enough to stem a 6.5% inflation rate, and has not allowed the value of the real, Brazil’s currency, to fall against the dollar. When a central bank is state-owned, interest acts like a tax, with money being collected in interest going out of circulation as demands for new loan fall. Remarkably, raising interest rates as Silva desires would likely prevent the value of the real from falling against the dollar. A falling real would boost exports from Brazil.

In short, Silva’s policies would be unlikely to benefit workers, as Brazil’s rapidly growing economy is being fuel by the Central Bank’s easy-money policies, and unlike the United States, state ownership is largely preventing further centralization of capital. While a better policy would be to abandon usury altogether and increase government spending by the spread between Brazil’s interest and inflation rates, this is the exact opposite of what Silva proposes.

So again, the Zionist banking community is using a “first black president” socialist stage to push its agenda on the world’s workers, all the while confusing the issues beneath an unnecessarily complex economic discussion.

Rouseff’s recent campaign ads get it right. Silva polices “would mean me giving bankers a great decision power over you and your family’s life, the interest you pay, your job, and even your salary.”

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Hildebeest Is Not Inevitable


This is a good one.

Yeah, I know, for the time being I'm just going through the motions on this blog, but I am really slammed. Usual promises to do better taken as read.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

CEO Swindled Workers, Shareholders

by Bill White

The dismissal of American Apparel CEO Dov Charney from his board seat at the Jewish fashion retailer in June places American corporate corruption in a microcosm.

Dov Charney founded American Apparel as a T-shirt wholesaler and built the company’s customer base through ad campaigns featuring scantily clad women. While some might find this alone questionable, so far Charney’s exploitation of the lowest common denominator was nothing unusual.

In 2006, Charney took American public with a legal con. He acquired majority stake in a publicly traded shell company, Endeavor Acquisitions Corp, then had Endeavor buy American Apparel. In doing so, Charney avoided any kind of financial scrutiny of American Apparel and all of the consumer protections which usually follow a public listing on the stock exchange. Again, the tactic is questionable, but nothing new. It’s exactly what a “sharp” Jewish businessman with a questionable bottom line would do.

American Apparel’s retail sails quadrupled, and its profits increased around 250% . Then a federal raid on its clothing factories in Los Angeles in 2009 revealed an uncomfortable fact. American Apparel was making clothing in the United States using illegal immigrant sweatshop labor. Half of American Apparel’s factory staff were deported. American Apparel had to start paying its laborers living wages. The company began losing money hand over fist. Yet no one in management was charged with violating federal immigration or labor laws. Like all the other tricks, the illegal labor was just another “sharp practice.”

Then Charney went insane. As losses began to mount, Charney noticed that staff were occasionally double-paying invoices. He fired his entire accounting staff and began to demand that he sign all checks personally, right down to the wages of the lowest retail store cashier. Checks began to back up for weeks. A new shipping software package had problems, so Charney set up a bed on his loading docks to monitor shipping. And then to raise money, Charney decided to sell innocent investors—suckers, one might say—61 million more shares in the company. Charney pocketed $30 million.

It would be nice to say that Charney got what he deserved—confiscation and distribution of his assets and some time recuperating in a federal prison cell. But he didn’t. He was removed as chairman and CEO of American Apparel, but he kept all the money and still retains a 22% stake in the company. The sharp business practices, the evasion of federal scrutiny in his stock offerings, the illegal immigrant labor, the selling of worthless shares to trusting and naïve stockholders—in the Judaeo-capitalist system, all of this is acceptable.

It is, after all, what made Dov Charney’s apparel so American.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CIA Plots Against NATO Ally

by Bill White

The United States Central Intelligence Agency is taking Color Revolution-style streets protests again, but this time the target is not an opposing régime, but a NATO ally.

Thousands of people who gathered November 16th to celebrate the CIA-backed Velvet Revolution in Prague joined agitators planted by American and Zionist intelligence in booing, whistling, and shouting “Resign! Resign!” at Czech Republic President Milos Zeman, who is being targeted for his opposition to American. EU and NATO meddling in the Ukraine.

Earlier this year, Zeman was one of several heads of state who declined to allow the United States to station troops in the country when Obama tried to adopt a “get tough” posture against Russia’s much tougher President Vladimir Putin. Zeman has denounced U.S. actions against Russia, urged the European Union, of which the Czech Republic is a member, to abandon its sanctions, denounced anti-Putin protests in Russia as agents of Western and Zionist interests, and showed little sympathy for Pussy Riot, the obscure Russian punk rock band that has become the darling of Western propaganda.

For the heresy of speaking the truth, Zeman has become the target of the very Western intelligence agencies he denounces. The CIA and its network of non-governmental organizations regularly works with other intelligence agencies, like Britain’s MI6, Germany’s BND, and the Zionist Mossad to create Astroturf revolutions in countries the globalist élite disapprove of. Like Astroturf, these phony grass-roots revolutions come in a variety of colors. The first use of such tactics was in Eastern Europe, Russia, and China in 1989, when Bolshevism was destroyed. Another round, particularly associated with George Soros, was targeted against former Soviet states in the 2000s, and for the past several years both Middle Eastern nations and nations in Russia’s sphere of influence have been attacked.

Recognizing these Astroturf revolutions as frauds, nations have become increasingly harsh in dealing with such CIA pawns. After an “Arab Spring” revolution led to the butchery of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, nations like Syria and Iran hardened opposition to anything the looked like U.S.-backed “democratic” change, leading to the current civil war in Syria. Russia, much more moderate, simply banned U.S. and NGO intelligence operations on its soil. When the Ukraine fell to a CIA-backed revolution earlier this year, Russia seized Crimea and is currently backing an insurgency against the “Western” government, which is composed mostly of Jews and bankers.

U.S. and EU intransigence have now opened up a wider field of play for both nations, as several European EU members like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary have questioned the EU adoption of U.S. policy. France’s main opposition party, the National Front, has also called for normalization of relations with Russia. Meanwhile, Russia has made statements opposing U.S. meddling in Moldova and reached out to the Republic Srpska in Bosnia. Poland’s leaders, who are radically anti-Russian, have questioned the wisdom of their alliance with the United States and Germany, the latter of which they see as a potential adversary.

The mess has prompted the first use of American intelligence assets to exert coup-like soft power against an ally. The bogus protest where participants waved red cards like a sports penalty flag, was supported by former Czech president Vaclav Klaus, a long-time U.S. pawn.  The crowd was further stoked by Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, whose own intelligence service assisted the U.S in training the UNA-UNSO group of mercenaries who impersonated  government agents and shot 86 people during Ukraine’s Maidan uprising.

The Western-Zionist agitators hurled eggs and sandwiches at Zeman, who responded with a simple statement to both protestors and their masters, recalling his experience in 1989 Prague: “I’m not afraid of you now, because I wasn’t afraid then.”

Thursday, December 4, 2014

God, This Makes Me Want To Vomit!


Guys, I’m sorry that my gift of prophecy seems to be so goddamned accurate. Looks like the Hildebeest is indeed coming, and she is actually trying to get us Whiteboys to drink her Kool-Aid.

Watching this quite literally makes me physically ill.

Whoever this country singer is that has betrayed his race and his country by doing this horrible thing for money needs to be boycotted and shunned by all decent people.