Monday, April 25, 2016

Cruz, Kasich Desperate

Ted Cruz seems to think he has some kind of deal with the RINOs to get their backing in order to destroy Trump. He doesn't. Once they do down Trump the oligarchs will stab Cruz in the back, and IMO Kasich as well. We are going to end up with Jeb Bush as the official Republican nominee, like it was supposed to be a year ago before all these dumb-ass voters got involved.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Robbing Trump

Okay, I still maintain that the RINOs, the country club Republican set, are going to rob Donald Trump of the nomination he has earned in the primaries at the Cleveland convention in July. This Politico article shows how.

"While Donald Trump works to build bridges with the Republican insiders who could decide a deadlocked convention, an anti-Trump group is racing to keep the two camps apart. Our Principles PAC, an outside group devoted to defeating the billionaire, will be appealing to Republican National Committee officials gathered here for the party’s annual spring meeting.

"The super PAC, led by Republican strategists Brian Baker and Katie Packer, is presenting the committee’s 168 members — all of whom will be delegates at the July convention in Cleveland — with a four-page memo arguing they should reject calls to unify around Trump.

"The offensive comes at a perilous time for the Stop Trump movement. Following Trump’s landslide win in New York, where the anti-Trump forces barely competed, there is a growing sense that he has seized momentum in the primary contest after a rocky period of internal disarray and a loss to Ted Cruz in Wisconsin. Trump is also expected to win all the states in contention next week.

"Looking to exploit their new-found strength, Trump’s top brass — including strategists Paul Manafort and Rick Wiley — met with RNC members on Thursday. During a presentation lasting more than one hour, they laid out the case for why Trump would be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in a prospective general election match-up."

Did they mention the millions of registered Democrats and independents who will vote for Donald Trump, because for the first time in American history someone is at least talking some sense about immigration? (We are leaving aside for the moment the fascinating question of just who the hell Trump is, and whether he would keep one single promise he's made.)

"They also sought to reassure the RNC — which Trump has repeatedly lambasted, accusing it of orchestrating an unfair nomination process that’s stacked against him — that the mogul is interested in working with the party. After the meeting, some influential members emerged to say they were impressed.

"On Friday, Our Principles PAC is looking to push back, telling RNC members that it’s not too late to stop Trump, who the group says would cost the GOP dearly in November. “Over the course of the last few days, you have been bombarded with information, presentations, speeches from candidates and their surrogates and campaign staff urging you to support them in their quest to secure the Republican nomination for the presidency,” Packer writes in the memo. “Your job is a serious and important one. You are the elected leaders of this party, chosen by the Republican activists in your state to represent them at this meeting as well as the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. For this reason I would like to make the case to you that the path to an open convention is still very clear and that, regardless of his current lead in the delegate count, Donald Trump should not be the Republican nominee for president.”

"In a briefing with reporters here, Packer acknowledged that some in the party are eager to unify around Trump following a prolonged and bitter primary season. But she said she would urge RNC members to fight the mogul all the way to an open convention. She said her group plans to do its part and that it would soon roll out aggressive anti-Trump campaigns in Indiana and California, perhaps the two most critical states remaining in the primary calendar. It will also be investing in next week’s Maryland primary, where it’s spending more than $200,000, according to data provided by The Tracking Firm, a group monitoring media buys."

Okay, basically---all these primaries are a waste of time because the party oligarchs can simply disregard the results. Is that what I'm hearing here?

If so, why bother to have them at all? In fact, I'm willing to bet that after both Dems and RINOs have been so badly scared this year, by 2020 some new "rule" will be made up simply to eliminate them altogether and have the nominations made rather like a Papal conclave, with a small number of bigwigs confined in a single room.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hillary Sicko

And what about that persistent cough? “Allergy season,” the hacking Hillary claimed on a New York radio show this week. (“You all right? Any mouth to mouth CPR?” joked a host.) I’m just a Ph.D., not an M.D., but I’ll put my Miss Marple hat on here. Am I the only one who noticed Hillary’s high-wrap collar, pallid, puffy face, and bulging eyes during her choleric New Hampshire primary concession speech in February? (Another unusually high collar followed the next morning.)

-Camille Paglia

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GOP Hacks Flee Their Own Convention

The rats are leaving what they seem to think is a sinking ship. The rats are Republicans and the sinking ship is their convention in Cleveland this coming July.

"A number of high-profile Republicans, fearful of a potential melee in Cleveland this summer, are considering skipping the Republican National Convention and campaigning back home instead."
"With the presidential campaign hitting a fever pitch and Donald Trump warning about riots if he's denied the nomination, some House and Senate Republicans tell CNN that it makes more sense to spend time with voters back home rather than be associated with the drama engulfing their party.
But even some leading party stalwarts are planning to skip the convention."

In other words, whatever vile skulduggery the party oligarchs are coming up with to deny Trump the nomination, a lot of lower-level Republicans don't want any part of it. They don't want to get anywhere near what's going to happen at that convention and they don't want their fingerprints on it.

"Asked Tuesday if he'd attend the convention, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told CNN: "No."

(Okay, now that I can get, seeing as how poor Jeb thought Cleveland in July was going to be his coronation. But what if the RINOs draft him anyway after they steal the nomination from Donald Trump and sodomize Ted Cruz out of whatever deal he thinks he has with them.)

"Unlikely," GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte said when asked if she'd be in Cleveland in the midst of her tough bid for a second term. "I've got a lot of work to do in New Hampshire, I have my own re-election and I'm going to be focusing on my voters in New Hampshire."

Yeah, sure, Kelly. Betcha wild horses couldn't drag you to Cleveland because you know that whatever happens there, it's going to stink to high heaven.

The official line is that "nice" GOPers don't want anything to do with that wicked man Donald Trump. In reality, they don't want the enraged voters of their own districts holding them responsible for what's being done to Trump.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Will We See Blood, Finally?

Will there finally be blood?

Will it finally happen? Will the White man finally fight back in July, in Cleveland, with something besides a computer keyboard? I have to admit, I'm dubious. Maybe that's just the result of forty years of a dream deferred. But at least the subject of actual, physical resistance against the sons of bitches who rule over us is no longer taboo. The words are being said. The talk is being talked. But will the walk be walked?

The New Yorker reports: "More than three months before any ballots have been cast at the Republican convention, Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s on-again, off-again consigliere, has delivered the campaign equivalent of a severed horse head to delegates who might consider denying Trump the nomination."

(Maybe Mr. Stone can be persuaded to put a horse's head in John McCain's bed, for real.)

"Trump’s supporters will find you in your sleep, he merrily informed them this week. He did not mean it metaphorically."


“We will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal,” Stone said Monday, on Freedomain Radio. “If you’re from Pennsylvania, we’ll tell you who the culprits are. We urge you to visit their hotel and find them. You have a right to discuss this, if you voted in the Pennsylvania primary, for example, and your votes are being disallowed,” Stone said.

"Over the years, I’ve covered elections in Iraq, Iran, and Burma. Stone’s taunt is every bit as threatening as anything I heard in those places, which have far less experience than America with democracy. Such is the moment we currently inhabit."

A moment long, long overdue.

There is still many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip. But it would be dulce et decorum if the first ones to be dealt with in a revolution were the pale and soulless White men in suits who have so bitterly and terribly betrayed their country, their race, and the most basic tenets of human decency in order to turn this land and its people over to a vicious Third World dictator and now to an amoral and homicidal woman verging on senility and insanity.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Apologies--For The Umpteenth Time

Again I feel compelled to offer readers my apologies for not keeping up this blog. I really do want to see if I can work up a serious readership before the general election in November; as with so much in life, I have the best of intentions. Unfortunately, that damnable Real World keeps intervening in my best-laid plans. Once again, I promise I will try to do better.

Hildebeest Cracking Up?

Imagine what she's going to be like as president.