Monday, June 30, 2014

"They Will Never Be Removed"

[From Northwest Observer, July 2014]
Word has spread around the world that the Democratic régime now openly refuses to enforce this country’s immigration laws. Even the normally supine RINO Republicans are protesting. 

At a hearing on the tsunami-like flood of “unaccompanied minors” (including large numbers of Mexican and Salvadorean gang members) crossing the Southwest border, Rep. Bob Goodlatte argued that the influx is a crisis of the régime’s s own making. “These individuals know that the administration’s policy of non-enforcement of our American immigration laws presents them with a golden opportunity to come to the U.S., most likely to be released with very little chance of ever being removed,” Goodlatte said. “It is often said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Unfortunately, it seems Obama now fiddles while our borders implode.”

Quite true, for all the good that words do. We are being overrun by foreign invaders who are coming to take everything we have, large sections of our southern border area now resemble the Camp of the Saints, and we are resisting with words. Gee, how can we possibly lose?

95 percent of recent border-crossers said the reason they came here illegally was to take advantage of a new law that grants a free pass to women traveling with minors and also for unaccompanied minors. “Apparently, word has gotten out that once encountered by Border Patrol agents and processed, thanks to this administration’s lax enforcement policies, one will likely never be removed,” Rep. Goodlatte said. 

Look, people. How much more are normal people going to take?

We have a mulatto president who is rapidly turning into an American Idi Amin if not an American Stalin, acting completely outside the law, violating his oath of office in more ways that can be counted, and who is ruling against the will of the people. That rumbling sound you hear is George Washington, Tom Jefferson and Ben Franklin turning in their graves at our craven surrender.

Impeachment simply isn’t practical because the Democrats control the Senate, and in any case the gutless Republicans don’t have the balls to impeach. And then there is the 1000-pound elephant in the room—what if they do impeach, they convict, and Barry decides he doesn’t feel like leaving office? What then?
We are terrified to discuss the last resort solution that the Founding Fathers left us.  But the balloon really does seem to be going up. At some point in time, something has to give and inaction will no longer be an option.
Do you understand that in a few years there will be nothing left here, for anyone?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

What The Democrats Did In Mississippi Was Despicable

If the above article may be believed, Chris McDaniel is going to challenge the crooked primary election in Mississippi, where the Republican establishment's decrepit Thad Cochran used black Democrat voters in order to hold on to a seat which the majority of the party in Mississippi clearly felt he had occupied for too long. 

The normal people of Mississippi clearly wanted Chris McDaniel as their candidate in November, and they were denied that right by a conspiracy between Thad Cochran and the state Democratic party to get blacks to vote in the Republican primary in order to defeat the normal candidate and put in the elderly RINO. 

It was the Democratic machine in Mississippi, not Cochran's campaign, who wrote and printed the leaflets, and the Democrats who made the robo-calls. It is entirely possible that Thad Cochran himself was unaware of what the Democrats were doing.

As usual, the Democrats were unable to win an election, even a Republican election, without using fraud. While under Mississippi state law it is true that blacks who had not voted in the Democratic primary were allowed to vote in the Republican primary, it would seem that many thousands of blacks simply voted twice, once for the Democrat and once for the Republican. 

That's illegal, but since the Democrats are now the ruling party and act with a complete lack of accountability, from our Manchild President on down, nothing will be done about it. W wish Chris McDaniel luck with his courtroom challenge, but when was the last time anyone heard of any court actually invalidating the results of a crooked election in this country and forcing the cheater to actually disgorge his ill-gained office and its profits? 

McDaniel's lawsuit will probably get its first hearing by a judge sometime in November, on the Wednesday after election day.

Friday, June 27, 2014

It Never Stops

Again I'm going to have to apologize for missing a day. The madness here never stops.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

SCOTUS Last Defense Against Democrat Tyranny

As wrong-headed as many of its decisions have been down through the years, the fact is that the Supreme Court is at least on certain occasions the last legal line of defense against the coming Democrat one-party state. The link above from Politico demonstrates that the court can at least occasionally stand up to The One, a capacity which the United States Congress no longer possesses. 

But what will the nine black-robed bitches do if Obama simply ignores their ruling like he ignores Congress and the Constitution?

The problem is that the Supreme Court has less actual enforcement power even than Congress does. Congress at least has a couple of jail cells in the Capitol where in theory the sergeant-at-arms could lock Democrats up for a while, even if the RINOs lack the balls to use them against people like Lois Lerner.

Napoleon once said "revolution is an idea that has found bayonets." The problem is that normal people no longer have any bayonets. Just 300 million privately held firearms that sit rusting in the closet while Barry Soetoro destroys America by flooding it with foreigners and ruling like a Third World dictator.

Seriously, what will the Supreme Court do if Barry just ignores their ruling and keeps on appointing whoever he wants to powerful federal bureaucratic jobs without having them confirmed by Congress as the law requires?

None of which, by the by, excuses the Court's incredibly bizarre ruling that the ghastly nightmare called Obamacare, which the Democrats have inflicted on this country, was Constitutional. I guess in this case the nine Supremos just got out of bed in a Constitutional frame of mind that morning. That doesn't always happen.

And presuming Barry can be persuaded to leave at the end of his term like he's supposed to, and the Sea Hag gets in for another eight years, what is the likelihood that one of the conservative justices like Scalia will drop dead in office and the Democrats will ram another Ginsberg or Sotomayor through? Thus destroying the last even faintly restraining legal influence on the coming Democrat non-workers' paradise?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thad Cochran's Cynical And Scary RINO Win

Ageing RINO Thad Cochran beat his Tea Party opponent Charles McDaniel in Mississippi by calling McDaniel a racist (there's that word again, the one we have to stop being terrified of) and appealing to black Democrats to vote for him in the Republican primary, which unfortunately is not illegal in his state. 

The willingness of RINOs to unite with Democrats and other liberals against normal people, in a frantic effort to hang onto the seats and public offices they have defiled with their cowardice and their greed, is one of the worst aspects of the Republican party. The narcissistic self-interest and greed of the RINOs may yet lead to the destruction of the United States of America as we know it. 

RINOS like Tad Cochran think only of themselves. They don't want to save the country, they only want to save their money, and they don't care what principles or how many normal people they betray in order to stay rich and keep their butts plunked down in those plush official chairs.

One of the main requirements for any parliamentary democracy is an opposition party, i.e. one that actually opposes. The RINOs no longer oppose. They have surrendered all hope of ever re-capturing the White House and the government and instead hope to maintain their personal wealth and power by sitting in Congress as a kind of tame opposition in a one-party state--and they don't care if they have to appeal to blacks to retain those seats, so long as their personal country clubs remain lily-White.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RINO Survives In Mississippi

Looks like Thad Cochran made it in Mississippi, through the treacherous expedient of having black Democrats vote in the Republican primary in order to keep Cochran's Tea Party opponent out. Never underestimate the ferocity with which these bastards will cling like grim death to their seats, even while the country burns around them.

Again I apologize for neglecting this blog; I promise I will be able to get a bit more engaged in a couple of days when the latest bout of madness subsides.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lay Off Impeachment For A While

Really jammed up again today in my Clark Kent identity, so not much time. More talk about impeachment on talk radio today over the missing Lois Lerner e-mails and the clear defiance of Congress by the Democrats. I think we need to put all impeachment talk on the back burner until after November when we see if we can get a House that will impeach and a Senate that will convict. Otherwise, there's no point.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Enemy Is Not All-Powerful

Normal people have a bad habit of viewing the Democrats as some kind of massive, monolithic, unstoppable entity--all-seeing, all knowing, all-powerful, omnipotent and invulnerable, dragging us all inexorably toward the joys of a one-party state. 

The received wisdom is that the Republicans in the House are frightened, timid, and confused, as useless as tits on a bull, that the Republican party as a whole all have that terrified deer-in-the-headlights look lest they be called racist (true enough) and that there is now nothing that can save us in 2016 from a one-party neo-Marxist tyranny presided over by the Sea Hag. 

Once more the Hildebeest is being touted by some of the media as "inevitable," although some of her media control seems to be slipping and her act is getting really old, a bit boring in fact.

The Democrats may be united in their lifelong crusade against normal people, but they are by no means united among themselves. The Democrats have wealth and power and almost total media control, true, so sometimes it seems like they're invincible, but they're not. 

There are fissures in the facade, factions, and intrigue of the kind you will find anywhere there is such concentrated wealth and power. The Democratic party is especially riven by such factions, but over all is the shadow of the great blood feud between the Obamanables and the Hillaristas. Or maybe it is better expressed as the blood feud between the Hillaristas and everybody else in the party.

The Hillary faction of hairy-legged Yankee women is still in a frothing rage that Obama appeared out of nowhere in 2008 with a brown skin, a toothy smile, and $500 million dollars in his kick courtesy of George Soros. The crown was supposed to be Hillary's that year. It was supposed to be a walkover, we were all supposed to chug down that Kool-Aid, and here a bunch of Hillary-hating fellow Democrats destroyed it.

The story of how Barack Hussein Obama was quietly and deliberately chosen as the Anti-Hillary--how he was vetted, selected, and groomed by a faceless cabal of powerful and incredibly wealthy Democrats to suddenly materialize and rain all over Hillary's coronation in 2008--is one that has yet to be told, but I sure would love to read a bona fide inside account of that merry little tale.

Now she's trying again and the knives are out again--in her own party. She's older, she's tireder, her faction is smaller, her control of media and events is slipping, and she may be suffering from brain damage or the onset of Alzheimers. And there are many powerful Democrats who will still do anything they have to do to keep her withered buttocks out of that chair behind the desk in the Oval Office where Obama has spent the past six years spinning around and going "wheeeee!"

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Maybe We Could Bribe Them To Go Away?

Since The One clearly has no intention of enforcing the law, perhaps we could take a leaf out of Australia's book and simply pay them to go back to Mexico or whatever the hell they came from? 

At $10,000 per head, the cost would be infinitely cheaper than it is now, not to mention the American lives saved from the criminals and gang members and drug addicts Obama is now letting in.

Japan actually did that several years ago, you know. Paid them to go away. 

When the economy turned down and the "guest workers" were no longer needed they were politely offered generous re-location packages to go back to where they came from, all of which were gratefully accepted, since the Japanese actually enforce their immigration laws and the foreigners knew they were leaving one way or the other.

Of course, if we paid the illegals to leave, where would the Democrats find the millions of votes needed to create their one-party state Utopia?

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Mystery

This is a photograph of our illustrious head of the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson. You know, the one who refuses to treat the unlawful invasion of our country by millions of foreigners as a serious issue?

Odd. There seems to be a strange similarity between this man and our equally illustrious Attorney General, Eric Holder. You know, our nation's chief law enforcement officer who stated at the beginning of his term of office that he would not investigate civil rights violations or racially-motivated hatecrimes against normal people?

And there is a strange similarity between both of these two men and our revered Manchild President, Barack Hussein Obama (Hosanna! Praise be unto Him!) You know, the one who has virtually destroyed the country with his incompetence and his mindless hatred for normal people?

What on earth could this mysterious similarity be?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

When Are We Going To Do Something About All This?

Got a question. Seriously. How long are we going to put up with Barack Hussein Obama and his monkeyshines?

In what way is allowing this country to be invaded by foreigners without a shot fired upholding the laws and Constitution of the United States, as this baby-shit brown primate swore to do? Twice.

In what way is the deliberate promotion of an invasion of the United States by largely criminal foreigners not an impeachable offense? 

Yes, yes, I know, we're already said that impeachment is pointless as long as the Democrats control the Senate. But still, at least a little spasmodic gesture or two might be nice. You'd think these spineless RINOs in Boehner's little clique would at least make a few mewling noises of protest or empty threats of impeachment, if only for form's sake.

Appy Ollie Logies

Sorry about missing yesterday. I will try to update today, but I'm kind of jammed up with the "other me" stuff today.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Many Dems Despise The Sea Hag

Interesting column. Hillary is not pre-destined for 2016, although if not her, God knows who the ruling party is going to foist on us. Possibly the deranged neo-Marxist schoolmarm Elizabeth Warren.

We need to remember that there are elements within the Democratic party who hate the  Sea Hag worse than a polecat, not the least the George Soros faction. 

They've already beaten her out of her "due" once. A strange leftist cult within the Democrats, left over from the Sixties, created Obama slowly and carefully over a period of years, like evil teenagers assembling a Frankenstein monster in somebody's basement, but Soros was the one who brought Frankenbama to life with his unlimited campaign cash flow.

Where to do you think Obama magically appeared from in 2008? Where do you think half a billion dollars magically materialized in his bank accounts from off the internet?

Now it looks like she's slipping. As the column above points out, she can no longer count on pure sycophancy from the media, and without that, she's just not that good at anything she does. Like all liberal Democrats, her actual skill, expertise and intelligence is largely a media creation concealing a mentally and emotionally unstable, mediocre personality who mostly wants revenge because Dad wouldn't let them borrow the car back in 1963.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Sea Hag In Fiction

The link below will send you to a sample chapter from underground novelist H.A. Covington's Slow Coming Dark, which was written in 2000, back in the waning days of Bill and Hill's power. Now that the Sea Hag is rising from the depths yet again, the novel is once more becoming pertinent.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

No Real Victory

by Richard Spencer
National Policy Institute

In what might constitute the greatest political upset in modern American history, poorly funded challenger Dave Brat soundly defeated Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in an election that was entirely centered on amnesty.

It’s hard not to be swept up by the enthusiasm conjured by Brat’s unprecedented victory over Cantor as the Majority Leader is a perfect symbol for our odious political class and his humiliating defeat is a satisfying thing to watch. But we should take a step back and see this development from a broader perspective.

Clearly Cantor’s loss signals White America’s disenchantment with demographic replacement and contempt for politicians enthralled to the interests of big business. Brat ran against him not just as a paint-by-numbers Tea Partier who only wanted to secure the borders—but as someone who genuinely wants to reform America’s immigration system to reduce migration levels and remove those who are already in this country unlawfully.

He is one of the few GOP candidates that aligns with the viewpoints of groups like NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform and his victory has predictably raised the hopes of those who desire the Republican Party to embrace “national conservatism” and save America from the grasp of liberals.

There is little doubt that Brat’s win has killed the chances of amnesty’s passage in 2014 and will likely mean that a Republican-controlled House of Representatives will not even consider any bill that would grant permanent residence to illegal immigrants until after the 2016 election.

So there’s little wonder why VDare and others are enthusiastically celebrating this as the death of Amnesty and view this as an augury for Middle America finally awaking to take back America.

I hate to bear the bad news, but this result has only temporarily delayed amnesty and will do nothing significant to stop the demographic swamping of White America. It only gives off the illusion that concerned Americans can reverse our demographic catastrophe and make America what it once was. But that will not happen as only a handful of Republicans are willing to pass any type of legislation that would restrict immigration, de facto amnesty will not be challenged as the Obama administration seems to have not stopped caring about deporting illegals, and the donors and figures that control the GOP are still dead set on passing amnesty—no matter how long it takes—to secure a cheaper and more subservient workforce.

“Defeating” amnesty is a fight that ultimately serves as a distraction from understanding the broader problems that our plaguing our people and causing our decline. Even if immigration restriction was a realistic idea that had the chance of passage, we would still not resolve the inner crises of our people and we would still have millions of non-Whites living in America who have zero connection to the country they happen to reside in.

In other words, “defeating” amnesty will not win back the fantasy America cherished by so many conservatives. “Defeating” amnesty only serves to indulge the deceitful notion that we can still solve our problems through the established system and lure well-meaning Whites into a false state of complacency.

There is also the fact that amnesty will be passed someday—it’s just a question of when.

But there is an intriguing possibility to this outcome—it might force President Obama into passing amnesty through executive order. This would lead to the further balkanization of America and undermine the trust that many White Americans still place in the federal government. That could lead more Whites into accepting our point of view and working towards more effective solutions to the problems that beset our people instead of fighting trumped up measures that matter little in the larger scale of events.

There is one positive factor to take away from last night’s vote and that i does reveal the discontent of (some) Whites towards demographic change and a desire to halt it—a positive omen that enough Whites are willing to challenge the fate of the United States transforming into a multiracial hellhole.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Is Hillary The Coming American Stalin?

People like Joan Walsh and Arianna Huffington, Jon Stewart and Maureen Dowd better brush up on their history.  Those who back successful left-wing, socialist revolutions generally come to sticky ends.

They need to take a lesson from what happened to architects of the French Revolution such as Danton, Madame Roland, and Camille Desmoulins, who led the storming of the Bastille. All fell beneath the blade of Robespierre's guillotine. They need to remember the thousands of his former comrades butchered by Mao Tse-tung (never mind the millions of ordinary Chinese he slaughtered. )

Above all, they need to ponder the fate of famous Old Bolsheviks like Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Bukharin and thousands of others who supported Lenin after October 1917--all murdered by Josef Stalin, the monster who came out on top of the left-wing, socialist heap in the 1920s and 30s.

Stalin is especially pertinent to the current state of the Democratic Party. That's because a potential Stalin is now beginning her long slither to the White House, although granted, her moustache isn't quite as prominent.

Dewds, have you gormless lefty gits genuinely forgotten all the bodies that were dropping when Bill and Hill first ruled the roost back in the Nutty Nineties? The former friends like Jim McDougal who fell conveniently silent in prison before he could whisper the two Divine Names into Ken Starr's ear?  The dead children on the railroad track near Mena, Arkansas? Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, who died not from a plane crash but from a bullet in his head before the plane hit the ground? Hillary's own last male lover, Vincent Foster?

Once the Sea Hag regains power and authority over the FBI and other spook assassination and torture capabilities, who do you think will be on her revenge list? 

A lot of us "right-wing conspiracy types," agreed. Rush Limbaugh for sure. The Koch brothers, anyone associated with the Tea Party, about half of the Republican House membership--we're dead meat.

But what about all you Democrat lefty-libs who down through the years failed to apply your lips in the prescribed manner to her withered buttocks, or failed to do so with proper respect? Ever write a disrespectful column or blog post about the Sea Hag? Ever crack a Clinton joke on your talk show? Did you join in the lemming-like swarm to Obama back in '08? I'd be sweating, if I were you.

By the time she seizes the reins of power again, this woman will be pushing 70 years old. She is apparently suffering from some kind of brain damage, with the beginnings of dementia praecox, as witness her bizarre outbursts in front of Congressional Committees and the media over the past year. She has a long list of people she hates and at her age, what the hell? Might as well take the people you hate with you, right?

Really, Joan, Arianna, Jon, Maureen, all you other lefty-libs who wavered in your faith in Her Ineffable Destiny--I really, really would be sweating if I were you. Or at least a little genteel perspiration.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Barack Hussein Obama Is A Fool

As Baghdad prepares to go the way of Saigon, it looks like Barry is going to be turning to our brave and noble traditional allies, the Persians, to act as America's surrogate in the region and try and pull Washington's chestnuts out of the fire. 

You know, Iran? The same country that both conservatives and liberals have been abusing and demonizing and threatening to bomb back into the Stone Age for the past couple of years, if they don't be nice wogs and stop threatening poor, defenseless little Israel with their nasty centrifuges?

Yes, I know. This was Bush's doing to begin with, but the Democrats have been in charge for six years now and I'm sorry, they own it now. And we have an affirmative action hire in the White House with a room-temperature IQ.

The Shi'ite puppet dictator we left in charge, Nouri Al-Maliki, is now screaming for American air strikes to keep the Sunnis from running his ass out of Baghdad and forcing him to flee to the safety of his Swiss bank accounts, or else end up swinging on the gallows like Saddam Hussein or a lamp post like Najibullah did in Afghanistan.

Looks like he's not going to get his air strikes. You see, apparently the United States military has been allowed to deteriorate so badly that any return to Iraq is out of the question.The reason Barry didn't invade Syria a year ago was that some of his few remaining non-political generals who haven't been purged from the Pentagon yet took him aside and told him the facts of life, militarily speaking. The U.S. military is running on empty after twelve years of imperial adventures. Right now we'd be hard put to invade Grenada again.

Us going to the Iranians for help in cleaning up a mess the United States made in the first place. I swear to God, you could not make this stuff up! God, these people who rule us are morons!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let The Sons Of Bitches Have It All

If, as the media keeps hinting, the Rockefeller Republicans betray their oaths and their constituents and sell out normal people by offering an amnesty bill in August, then the RINO needs to become an extinct species in November. 

In one last burst of electoral muscle (or lack of it), normal people need to stay home from the polls and let the Democrats have it all. Since we will have no hope of ever recovering the country by constitutional means after amnesty, then we need to accept the inevitable and at least make sure that as few as possible of these $2000-suited bastards with the blow-dried $200 haircuts are able to enjoy the fruits of their betrayal by sitting in the Senate or House as a kind of tame opposition.

The only way we can think of to finally pound the message into their sleek country club heads is for the voters to stay home and let the Democrats win every seat held by any Republican who votes for or assists amnesty in any way.

Because if normal people are going to become a permanent electoral and racial minority in this country anyway, and if we are going to be ruled by a one-party Democrat state no matter what we do because the legalized foreigners keep voting them into power, why should we bother at all?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big RINO Goes Down In Virginia

The voices of normal people were heard yesterday in Virginia. Eric Cantor is no more, and the ghost of Nelson Rockefeller weeps and rattles his chains. No more elegant swishing through the Capitol corridors whispering sweet nothings into state-controlled media ears about how the big sellout on immigration is coming in August.

Maybe the rest of the spineless leeches in the Boehner crew will be so scared shitless they'll back off from betraying their country and constituents and turning this country into a one-party Third World totalitarian state by legalizing 30 million New Democrats. 


Let's use the remaining primaries to go on safari and bag us some more RINOs.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Democrats Bailing On Barry?

The problem with being a Democrat running for re-election in 2014 is that your party has made a dog's dinner out of the whole country, normal people despise you, and in your own local race you may not be able to count on the Democratic vote fraud machine to put you over the top.

Your president is an incompetent fool. His advisors are incompetent fools: gone are the smart Jewish males of the first term like Emanuel, Axelrod and Sunstein, replaced by third-rate mulatto women from Chicago. Your First Lady is loathed by millions of American school kids of all races for trying to cram rabbit food down their throats every day. Your White House is a snake-pit of petty intrigue and left-wing ideological lunacy completely divorced from the reality of life out in the cruel world it has created.

Even previously loyal Democrats, trembling in terror for the precious seats that give them their wealth and power, are starting to throw Barry under the bus, as the column above details.

Over it all hangs the specter of Obamacare, a pig on which is has become virtually impossible to slather any more lipstick. 

The website still isn't working. Most of the people who have joined are subsidy cases (i.e. the program isn't taking in enough in real premiums to cover expenses, and is in fact bankrupt already). Millions of Americans have had their health insurance canceled and millions more will be canceled once the 2014 elections are over and the employer mandate kicks in.

Right now, unless the Democrat vote fraud machine can really kick into high gear, by all reasonable assessments based on an honest vote count, the Dems are toast in November. Of course, the operative caveat there, as always with Democrats, is "based on an honest vote count," something which in American politics is becoming as extinct as the passenger pigeon.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick Note

The media's Official Version of the Las Vegas shooting incident seems to be an attempt to link the two individuals with the Cliven Bundy ranch. Could we be seeing The Revenge Of Harry Reid here? More later as more info becomes available.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hillary's $15.00 Per Hour Bribe For Votes

There's been a lot of ballyhoo recently about Seattle passing an ordinance demanding that all employers within the city limits pay a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. Basically, what this is, is the kick-off to the Sea Hag's 2016 presidential campaign, just as Occupy Wall Street was the kickoff to Obama's 2012 re-election campaign and was shut down and absorbed into the Democratic party bureaucracy when it was of no further use.

First off: it is true that trying to support a family or get yourself out of crushing student loan debt on minimum wage while flipping burgers in Mickey D's is a terrible situation to be in. If the Republican party does not begin acknowledging these people's agony and doing something to alleviate it that one way or the other involves putting cash in their pockets and not the pockets of bankers, come November and come 2016 these wretched, suffering people are going to fall hook, line, and sinker for the Democrats' line of BS and run like lemmings to pull the D lever in the little booth. 

Republicans need to acknowledge how bitterly and tragically capitalism dropped the ball back in 2008. True, the actual depression came with Obama, but it began on George W. Bush's watch. True, the first crash was very largely the result of the sub-prime mortgage racket to offer blacks and browns "the pride of home ownership" and that began under the Clintons as one of their early attempts to bribe minorities for votes, but we need to do a hell of a better job explaining that to normal people who see only the wreckage. All we've got media-wise is Fox News and the internet and we'd better step up our game all around in that area.

Okay, getting back to the $15.00-per-hour law in Seattle, a few facts:

Mickey D's and KFC workers are not going to see a sudden magical rise in their paychecks. The law is incremental, and in any case will be impeded for some years by lawsuits filed by what remains of the Seattle business community in an attempt to save their livelihoods, as well as the fast food chains. So as far as producing any genuine amelioration of the living conditions of fast food workers, that's not happening any time soon.

If and when this law is upheld by the courts (a somewhat dubious proposition) then most small businesses will simply shut down and leave the city, and Seattle itself will become something of a ghost town. This isn't as bad as it sounds, because the law does not apply to Seattle suburbs such as Bellevue and Redmond and Kirkland, meaning that among other things Bill Gates' little private kingdom is not affected. God forbid Microsoft workers should have to pay $12.95 for their lunchtime Whoppers or $17.95 for a Happy Meal. Seattle Fourth Mealers who want something cheap and tasty by way of a dining experience instead of a yuppie fern bar or Little Miss Organic's Dinette will simply have to hop in their Priuses and roll across the 520 bridge to Bellevue

As always, in Amurrica perception is everything. The main purpose of this law is to make it look like the Democrats are doing something for the poor, downtrodden masses, whereas in fact the large corporations like McDonalds and Pizza Hut will skate or otherwise evade the requirement for $15.00 per hour and actual small businesses run by normal people will get it in the neck, since the Democrats don't want such small businesses to exist at all. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Regime Dumps Illegals In Arizona

The Democrats are now dumping tens of thousands of illegal Third World aliens in Arizona. They are busing them in from other states, especially from Texas, and then simply releasing these people, some of them violent criminals, onto the streets.

These include a large number of children who have in turn been dumped here in the United States by their Mexican parents because they know that the Democrats want them here, see them as future Democrat voters, will not deport them, will call them DREAMers, and will eventually legalize them so they can serve as anchor babies and bring in millions more foreigners who can in turn be snuck onto the voter rolls, legally or illegally, in order to ensure perpetual power for the Democrats in a one-party state.

The Democrats apparently think deliberately filling Arizona with illegals from other states is funny. They are doing this to punish the "racist" normal White people of Arizona who became tired of their home state being transformed into a province of Mexico, and who attempted to enforce the immigration laws that the Obama dictatorship would not. There is no limit to what the Democrat one-party state will do to hurt Republicans and punish White people for voting Republican.

In November of this year--if Republican governors and state legislators can stand firm against Democrat vote fraud--we will have our second-to-last chance to elect a Congress that might actually be sufficiently responsive to normal people to do what normal people want done, i.e. at least attempt to remove Barack Hussein Obama from the Oval Office.

It may well be that if Obama remains unimpeached, and he is allowed to continue defying the law like this, the 2016 general election may actually be too late. There may have been too many illegal foreigners snuck into this country and snuck onto the voter rolls by the Democrats, as they did in California.

But since we won't use the legal and constitutional methods the Founding Fathers left us to deal with lawless presidents and dictatorships, let's give the polls of more shot in November, shall we?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Betrayed Again

Looks like the RINOs and the Rockefeller country club set are getting ready to betray normal people again. Okay, so what else is new? 

But this immigration thing doesn't make any sense. The RINOs seem to have lost all touch with reality. Why the hell are they doing it? It is utter political suicide for the Republican party. By legalizing 30 million illegal foreigners and giving them the vote, Congress is in effect creating 30 million new Democrats. 

Not to mention all the new Democrats who will flood in once these are legalized and they start bringing in their bambinos and mamacitas and uncles and cousins and third cousins twice removed, so forth and so on. The demographics of this country will be altered forever and if there are any normal people left at all in fifty years, they will be living in fortified compounds to try and keep the surging tides of mud-colored savages from breaking in and devouring the last resources, the last technology, and the last White people in North America. Then the ultimate darkness will fall.

What in God's name are these bird-brained RINO Republicans thinking of? WTF is going on in their minds? Have they been bribed? Could it be that simple? Given the level of clandestine buggery that goes on in the ranks of the Rockefeller Republican establishment politicians--Larry "Twinkle-toes" Craig was by no means unusual in RINO ranks--are they just being blackmailed? "Work with us on immigration or the White House will post the address of your catamite on Twitter?"

Do these spineless Congressmen not understand that if they do this, they can surrender any hope of ever seeing a Republican in the Oval Office again? That they are handing a one-party state to the liberal Democrats for the next three generations? And how in the name of Heaven is the remaining normal population to survive that? Do they even care about normal people? What kind of short-term gain could possibly be worth destroying the U.S.A. and turning it into Brazil?

And where will these imbecile RINO Congressmen in their $2000 suits be once all normal people are gone, there is no one left to vote them into office, and all of a sudden they are the ones being tossed onto the dust heap of history? Will whatever money they have been given to line their pockets with, or whatever benefit they receive from this, survive the end of the world as we know it?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is He Unimpeachable? Part Deux

Lindsey Graham is now threatening Barry with impeachment "if he does it again," i.e. if our Manchild President ignores the law and releases more prisoners from Guantanamo without informing and consulting Congress, like he is required to do by law. (Rueful giggles at the whole absurd idea that Barry is constrained by any law at all. Is he not king? Volus princeps lex est.)

Dream on, Lindsey. Not only is no one going to impeach the first black(ish) president, but even if you could get the weak-kneed RINO John Boehner to stop playing footsie with the Democrats on immigration long enough to compel the House Republicans to impeach The One, there wouldn't be any point in sending him for trial in front of a Democrat Senate. In a body the Senate Democrats would arise, drop trou, and moon the rest of the country by acquitting the nasty little dictator.

Impeachment now would be an empty and possibly counterproductive gesture that would pre-empt a later attempt after 2014 that might actually have some faint chance of success, should the Republicans regain the Senate in November, and should such Republicans miraculously re-discover a spine where that string of linguini used to be.

And again, Lindsey Graham's empty threats don't deal with the elephant in the room: suppose Barry doesn't want to leave the White House, either via impeachment and removal or in 2016 when his eight years is supposed to be up? 

Suppose he calls a press conference one day and says "Screw the Constitution! I'm running for another term and there's nothing you can do about it!" 

Well, nothing we will do about it, anyway.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is He Unimpeachable?

The received wisdom is that Barack Hussein Obama is invulnerable, because nobody is going to impeach the first black(ish) president of the United States. So we can just forget about it, we're stuck with him for at least another two years, and all we can do is hope he decides to be a good boy and leave office at that time. After that it will be the Sea Hag, and oblivion for America in any form that normal people would recognize.

Or so the state-controlled media tell us.

Still, if Republicans can fight off Democratic vote fraud sufficiently to win the Senate in 2014, so there would be a chance of conviction, it would be nice if the old duffers would at least make a symbolic attempt to free America from the yoke of a Third World tyrant who rules by decree. 

Nice, but no one expects it. They haven't got the balls. The average Congressional Republican spine is the consistency of linguini.

The elephant in the room, of course, is the problem that no one will speak of. Suppose Obama doesn't want to leave in 2016 and opts to run for a third term? 

Why should he not? He has already violated the law and the Constitution repeatedly and nothing at all has been done about it. So really...why shouldn't Barry and Michelle My Belle just stick around if they want to? 

Who's going to do anything about it? Not the United States Attorney General--you know, the one who stated at the beginning of his term that he would not investigate civil rights violations or hatecrimes against White people. (Hence the "knockout game.")  Certainly no Republican in Congress is going to do jack shit about it if Obama decides to go for term number three. They're all too terrified of being called racist.

Hillary might have Obama whacked if he tries it--after all, it's supposed to be her long-deferred turn in 2016--but the irony is that our only hope to be saved from Obama is to rely on a woman who, during her own years of power, accustomed herself to the routine use of murder in politics, in order that she herself might tyrannize us even worse.

Way to go, Republicans!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nice Graphic

Bit rushed today doing other horrible anti-Democrat things, so here's a cool graphic.

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Totally Lawless President

Without getting into the moral issue of releasing five Taliban commanders in exchange for one American deserter (the partisan fog that politicizes everything in this country having already begun to obscure such issues), the simple fact is that any release of prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay facility requires 30-day notice and approval from Congress. It is the law, and The One simply ignored the law, as he usually does. 

That's not supposed to happen in this country. It is against the law for Barack Obama to do what he did, but once again we run up against the fact that normal people have no way of compelling the federal government of the United States or any of its agencies, from Barry himself on down, to obey their own laws. 

Well, yes, we do in fact have a way of dealing with a lawless president, two ways actually, both handed down to us by the Founding Fathers. One is impeachment and trial, and the other is the Second Amendment. But we lack the political courage to use the former and the physical courage to use the latter, so basically we are now living in a Third World dictatorship where El Supremo does whatever the hell he wants and his ruling party's flunkies operate completely without accountability. The Founding Fathers never counted on the degeneration of the White American male into Homer Simpson and Beavis and Butthead.

So Barry's doing it again, and he's going to get away with it. Nothing is going to be done about our wee little Third World dictator except a lot of bloviating on the internet, while 93 million Americans will not go to work today and everyone accepts this as "the new normal."

The remaining normal population of this country will pay a heavy and terrible price in the coming years for allowing Barack Obama to rule by imperial decree and skate on any consequences at all. Bear in mind that if Obama chooses to leave office in 2016, we're looking at eight or more years of the Sea Hag, who will use the precedents set by Obama to liquidate her opposition Soviet-style. 

You think there were a lot of bodies dropping during the first eight years of Clinton rule? Bill at least had a little discretion when it came to political murder. What will it be like when the Sea Hag gets in, crazed with rage and a lust for vengeance after being forced to conceal her true nature for almost 70 years? And with the precedent of allowing liberal Democrat presidents to violate the law at will already established during the eight catastrophic Obama years?