Friday, June 6, 2014

Betrayed Again

Looks like the RINOs and the Rockefeller country club set are getting ready to betray normal people again. Okay, so what else is new? 

But this immigration thing doesn't make any sense. The RINOs seem to have lost all touch with reality. Why the hell are they doing it? It is utter political suicide for the Republican party. By legalizing 30 million illegal foreigners and giving them the vote, Congress is in effect creating 30 million new Democrats. 

Not to mention all the new Democrats who will flood in once these are legalized and they start bringing in their bambinos and mamacitas and uncles and cousins and third cousins twice removed, so forth and so on. The demographics of this country will be altered forever and if there are any normal people left at all in fifty years, they will be living in fortified compounds to try and keep the surging tides of mud-colored savages from breaking in and devouring the last resources, the last technology, and the last White people in North America. Then the ultimate darkness will fall.

What in God's name are these bird-brained RINO Republicans thinking of? WTF is going on in their minds? Have they been bribed? Could it be that simple? Given the level of clandestine buggery that goes on in the ranks of the Rockefeller Republican establishment politicians--Larry "Twinkle-toes" Craig was by no means unusual in RINO ranks--are they just being blackmailed? "Work with us on immigration or the White House will post the address of your catamite on Twitter?"

Do these spineless Congressmen not understand that if they do this, they can surrender any hope of ever seeing a Republican in the Oval Office again? That they are handing a one-party state to the liberal Democrats for the next three generations? And how in the name of Heaven is the remaining normal population to survive that? Do they even care about normal people? What kind of short-term gain could possibly be worth destroying the U.S.A. and turning it into Brazil?

And where will these imbecile RINO Congressmen in their $2000 suits be once all normal people are gone, there is no one left to vote them into office, and all of a sudden they are the ones being tossed onto the dust heap of history? Will whatever money they have been given to line their pockets with, or whatever benefit they receive from this, survive the end of the world as we know it?

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