Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Enemy Is Not All-Powerful

Normal people have a bad habit of viewing the Democrats as some kind of massive, monolithic, unstoppable entity--all-seeing, all knowing, all-powerful, omnipotent and invulnerable, dragging us all inexorably toward the joys of a one-party state. 

The received wisdom is that the Republicans in the House are frightened, timid, and confused, as useless as tits on a bull, that the Republican party as a whole all have that terrified deer-in-the-headlights look lest they be called racist (true enough) and that there is now nothing that can save us in 2016 from a one-party neo-Marxist tyranny presided over by the Sea Hag. 

Once more the Hildebeest is being touted by some of the media as "inevitable," although some of her media control seems to be slipping and her act is getting really old, a bit boring in fact.

The Democrats may be united in their lifelong crusade against normal people, but they are by no means united among themselves. The Democrats have wealth and power and almost total media control, true, so sometimes it seems like they're invincible, but they're not. 

There are fissures in the facade, factions, and intrigue of the kind you will find anywhere there is such concentrated wealth and power. The Democratic party is especially riven by such factions, but over all is the shadow of the great blood feud between the Obamanables and the Hillaristas. Or maybe it is better expressed as the blood feud between the Hillaristas and everybody else in the party.

The Hillary faction of hairy-legged Yankee women is still in a frothing rage that Obama appeared out of nowhere in 2008 with a brown skin, a toothy smile, and $500 million dollars in his kick courtesy of George Soros. The crown was supposed to be Hillary's that year. It was supposed to be a walkover, we were all supposed to chug down that Kool-Aid, and here a bunch of Hillary-hating fellow Democrats destroyed it.

The story of how Barack Hussein Obama was quietly and deliberately chosen as the Anti-Hillary--how he was vetted, selected, and groomed by a faceless cabal of powerful and incredibly wealthy Democrats to suddenly materialize and rain all over Hillary's coronation in 2008--is one that has yet to be told, but I sure would love to read a bona fide inside account of that merry little tale.

Now she's trying again and the knives are out again--in her own party. She's older, she's tireder, her faction is smaller, her control of media and events is slipping, and she may be suffering from brain damage or the onset of Alzheimers. And there are many powerful Democrats who will still do anything they have to do to keep her withered buttocks out of that chair behind the desk in the Oval Office where Obama has spent the past six years spinning around and going "wheeeee!"

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