Saturday, June 14, 2014

Is Hillary The Coming American Stalin?

People like Joan Walsh and Arianna Huffington, Jon Stewart and Maureen Dowd better brush up on their history.  Those who back successful left-wing, socialist revolutions generally come to sticky ends.

They need to take a lesson from what happened to architects of the French Revolution such as Danton, Madame Roland, and Camille Desmoulins, who led the storming of the Bastille. All fell beneath the blade of Robespierre's guillotine. They need to remember the thousands of his former comrades butchered by Mao Tse-tung (never mind the millions of ordinary Chinese he slaughtered. )

Above all, they need to ponder the fate of famous Old Bolsheviks like Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Bukharin and thousands of others who supported Lenin after October 1917--all murdered by Josef Stalin, the monster who came out on top of the left-wing, socialist heap in the 1920s and 30s.

Stalin is especially pertinent to the current state of the Democratic Party. That's because a potential Stalin is now beginning her long slither to the White House, although granted, her moustache isn't quite as prominent.

Dewds, have you gormless lefty gits genuinely forgotten all the bodies that were dropping when Bill and Hill first ruled the roost back in the Nutty Nineties? The former friends like Jim McDougal who fell conveniently silent in prison before he could whisper the two Divine Names into Ken Starr's ear?  The dead children on the railroad track near Mena, Arkansas? Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, who died not from a plane crash but from a bullet in his head before the plane hit the ground? Hillary's own last male lover, Vincent Foster?

Once the Sea Hag regains power and authority over the FBI and other spook assassination and torture capabilities, who do you think will be on her revenge list? 

A lot of us "right-wing conspiracy types," agreed. Rush Limbaugh for sure. The Koch brothers, anyone associated with the Tea Party, about half of the Republican House membership--we're dead meat.

But what about all you Democrat lefty-libs who down through the years failed to apply your lips in the prescribed manner to her withered buttocks, or failed to do so with proper respect? Ever write a disrespectful column or blog post about the Sea Hag? Ever crack a Clinton joke on your talk show? Did you join in the lemming-like swarm to Obama back in '08? I'd be sweating, if I were you.

By the time she seizes the reins of power again, this woman will be pushing 70 years old. She is apparently suffering from some kind of brain damage, with the beginnings of dementia praecox, as witness her bizarre outbursts in front of Congressional Committees and the media over the past year. She has a long list of people she hates and at her age, what the hell? Might as well take the people you hate with you, right?

Really, Joan, Arianna, Jon, Maureen, all you other lefty-libs who wavered in your faith in Her Ineffable Destiny--I really, really would be sweating if I were you. Or at least a little genteel perspiration.

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  1. Why do you care, Old man? They built the guillotine and get a free ticket on the ride. I call that progress.

    Also Joseph Stalin wae a core marxist while i suspect the liberal democrats are going to facilitate a more extreme faction on the left as things deteriorate. As annoying as knowitall educated liberals come to false conclusions, i enjoy the prospect of the devil holding them accountable for their actions.