Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Many Dems Despise The Sea Hag


Interesting column. Hillary is not pre-destined for 2016, although if not her, God knows who the ruling party is going to foist on us. Possibly the deranged neo-Marxist schoolmarm Elizabeth Warren.

We need to remember that there are elements within the Democratic party who hate the  Sea Hag worse than a polecat, not the least the George Soros faction. 

They've already beaten her out of her "due" once. A strange leftist cult within the Democrats, left over from the Sixties, created Obama slowly and carefully over a period of years, like evil teenagers assembling a Frankenstein monster in somebody's basement, but Soros was the one who brought Frankenbama to life with his unlimited campaign cash flow.

Where to do you think Obama magically appeared from in 2008? Where do you think half a billion dollars magically materialized in his bank accounts from off the internet?

Now it looks like she's slipping. As the column above points out, she can no longer count on pure sycophancy from the media, and without that, she's just not that good at anything she does. Like all liberal Democrats, her actual skill, expertise and intelligence is largely a media creation concealing a mentally and emotionally unstable, mediocre personality who mostly wants revenge because Dad wouldn't let them borrow the car back in 1963.

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  1. The talking heads at ABC already have her elected.....