Saturday, June 21, 2014

Maybe We Could Bribe Them To Go Away?

Since The One clearly has no intention of enforcing the law, perhaps we could take a leaf out of Australia's book and simply pay them to go back to Mexico or whatever the hell they came from? 

At $10,000 per head, the cost would be infinitely cheaper than it is now, not to mention the American lives saved from the criminals and gang members and drug addicts Obama is now letting in.

Japan actually did that several years ago, you know. Paid them to go away. 

When the economy turned down and the "guest workers" were no longer needed they were politely offered generous re-location packages to go back to where they came from, all of which were gratefully accepted, since the Japanese actually enforce their immigration laws and the foreigners knew they were leaving one way or the other.

Of course, if we paid the illegals to leave, where would the Democrats find the millions of votes needed to create their one-party state Utopia?

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