Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Democrats Bailing On Barry?


The problem with being a Democrat running for re-election in 2014 is that your party has made a dog's dinner out of the whole country, normal people despise you, and in your own local race you may not be able to count on the Democratic vote fraud machine to put you over the top.

Your president is an incompetent fool. His advisors are incompetent fools: gone are the smart Jewish males of the first term like Emanuel, Axelrod and Sunstein, replaced by third-rate mulatto women from Chicago. Your First Lady is loathed by millions of American school kids of all races for trying to cram rabbit food down their throats every day. Your White House is a snake-pit of petty intrigue and left-wing ideological lunacy completely divorced from the reality of life out in the cruel world it has created.

Even previously loyal Democrats, trembling in terror for the precious seats that give them their wealth and power, are starting to throw Barry under the bus, as the column above details.

Over it all hangs the specter of Obamacare, a pig on which is has become virtually impossible to slather any more lipstick. 

The website still isn't working. Most of the people who have joined are subsidy cases (i.e. the program isn't taking in enough in real premiums to cover expenses, and is in fact bankrupt already). Millions of Americans have had their health insurance canceled and millions more will be canceled once the 2014 elections are over and the employer mandate kicks in.

Right now, unless the Democrat vote fraud machine can really kick into high gear, by all reasonable assessments based on an honest vote count, the Dems are toast in November. Of course, the operative caveat there, as always with Democrats, is "based on an honest vote count," something which in American politics is becoming as extinct as the passenger pigeon.

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