Thursday, June 26, 2014

SCOTUS Last Defense Against Democrat Tyranny

As wrong-headed as many of its decisions have been down through the years, the fact is that the Supreme Court is at least on certain occasions the last legal line of defense against the coming Democrat one-party state. The link above from Politico demonstrates that the court can at least occasionally stand up to The One, a capacity which the United States Congress no longer possesses. 

But what will the nine black-robed bitches do if Obama simply ignores their ruling like he ignores Congress and the Constitution?

The problem is that the Supreme Court has less actual enforcement power even than Congress does. Congress at least has a couple of jail cells in the Capitol where in theory the sergeant-at-arms could lock Democrats up for a while, even if the RINOs lack the balls to use them against people like Lois Lerner.

Napoleon once said "revolution is an idea that has found bayonets." The problem is that normal people no longer have any bayonets. Just 300 million privately held firearms that sit rusting in the closet while Barry Soetoro destroys America by flooding it with foreigners and ruling like a Third World dictator.

Seriously, what will the Supreme Court do if Barry just ignores their ruling and keeps on appointing whoever he wants to powerful federal bureaucratic jobs without having them confirmed by Congress as the law requires?

None of which, by the by, excuses the Court's incredibly bizarre ruling that the ghastly nightmare called Obamacare, which the Democrats have inflicted on this country, was Constitutional. I guess in this case the nine Supremos just got out of bed in a Constitutional frame of mind that morning. That doesn't always happen.

And presuming Barry can be persuaded to leave at the end of his term like he's supposed to, and the Sea Hag gets in for another eight years, what is the likelihood that one of the conservative justices like Scalia will drop dead in office and the Democrats will ram another Ginsberg or Sotomayor through? Thus destroying the last even faintly restraining legal influence on the coming Democrat non-workers' paradise?

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