Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is He Unimpeachable?

The received wisdom is that Barack Hussein Obama is invulnerable, because nobody is going to impeach the first black(ish) president of the United States. So we can just forget about it, we're stuck with him for at least another two years, and all we can do is hope he decides to be a good boy and leave office at that time. After that it will be the Sea Hag, and oblivion for America in any form that normal people would recognize.

Or so the state-controlled media tell us.

Still, if Republicans can fight off Democratic vote fraud sufficiently to win the Senate in 2014, so there would be a chance of conviction, it would be nice if the old duffers would at least make a symbolic attempt to free America from the yoke of a Third World tyrant who rules by decree. 

Nice, but no one expects it. They haven't got the balls. The average Congressional Republican spine is the consistency of linguini.

The elephant in the room, of course, is the problem that no one will speak of. Suppose Obama doesn't want to leave in 2016 and opts to run for a third term? 

Why should he not? He has already violated the law and the Constitution repeatedly and nothing at all has been done about it. So really...why shouldn't Barry and Michelle My Belle just stick around if they want to? 

Who's going to do anything about it? Not the United States Attorney General--you know, the one who stated at the beginning of his term that he would not investigate civil rights violations or hatecrimes against White people. (Hence the "knockout game.")  Certainly no Republican in Congress is going to do jack shit about it if Obama decides to go for term number three. They're all too terrified of being called racist.

Hillary might have Obama whacked if he tries it--after all, it's supposed to be her long-deferred turn in 2016--but the irony is that our only hope to be saved from Obama is to rely on a woman who, during her own years of power, accustomed herself to the routine use of murder in politics, in order that she herself might tyrannize us even worse.

Way to go, Republicans!

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