Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is He Unimpeachable? Part Deux

Lindsey Graham is now threatening Barry with impeachment "if he does it again," i.e. if our Manchild President ignores the law and releases more prisoners from Guantanamo without informing and consulting Congress, like he is required to do by law. (Rueful giggles at the whole absurd idea that Barry is constrained by any law at all. Is he not king? Volus princeps lex est.)

Dream on, Lindsey. Not only is no one going to impeach the first black(ish) president, but even if you could get the weak-kneed RINO John Boehner to stop playing footsie with the Democrats on immigration long enough to compel the House Republicans to impeach The One, there wouldn't be any point in sending him for trial in front of a Democrat Senate. In a body the Senate Democrats would arise, drop trou, and moon the rest of the country by acquitting the nasty little dictator.

Impeachment now would be an empty and possibly counterproductive gesture that would pre-empt a later attempt after 2014 that might actually have some faint chance of success, should the Republicans regain the Senate in November, and should such Republicans miraculously re-discover a spine where that string of linguini used to be.

And again, Lindsey Graham's empty threats don't deal with the elephant in the room: suppose Barry doesn't want to leave the White House, either via impeachment and removal or in 2016 when his eight years is supposed to be up? 

Suppose he calls a press conference one day and says "Screw the Constitution! I'm running for another term and there's nothing you can do about it!" 

Well, nothing we will do about it, anyway.

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