Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thad Cochran's Cynical And Scary RINO Win

Ageing RINO Thad Cochran beat his Tea Party opponent Charles McDaniel in Mississippi by calling McDaniel a racist (there's that word again, the one we have to stop being terrified of) and appealing to black Democrats to vote for him in the Republican primary, which unfortunately is not illegal in his state. 

The willingness of RINOs to unite with Democrats and other liberals against normal people, in a frantic effort to hang onto the seats and public offices they have defiled with their cowardice and their greed, is one of the worst aspects of the Republican party. The narcissistic self-interest and greed of the RINOs may yet lead to the destruction of the United States of America as we know it. 

RINOS like Tad Cochran think only of themselves. They don't want to save the country, they only want to save their money, and they don't care what principles or how many normal people they betray in order to stay rich and keep their butts plunked down in those plush official chairs.

One of the main requirements for any parliamentary democracy is an opposition party, i.e. one that actually opposes. The RINOs no longer oppose. They have surrendered all hope of ever re-capturing the White House and the government and instead hope to maintain their personal wealth and power by sitting in Congress as a kind of tame opposition in a one-party state--and they don't care if they have to appeal to blacks to retain those seats, so long as their personal country clubs remain lily-White.

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  1. The GOP is a cult i stopped supporting after they snubbed Ron Paul and attacked the libertarian movement for splitting the vote. Weither it be ignorant reactionaries playing with their tricorne hats being sheep herded into a new pen or RINOs pandering low to retain their worthless seat. There's no short supply of intermural hatred, which is why unless a neocon thinktank pulls a rabbit out of their hat the one party democrat state is assured.