Saturday, June 7, 2014

Regime Dumps Illegals In Arizona

The Democrats are now dumping tens of thousands of illegal Third World aliens in Arizona. They are busing them in from other states, especially from Texas, and then simply releasing these people, some of them violent criminals, onto the streets.

These include a large number of children who have in turn been dumped here in the United States by their Mexican parents because they know that the Democrats want them here, see them as future Democrat voters, will not deport them, will call them DREAMers, and will eventually legalize them so they can serve as anchor babies and bring in millions more foreigners who can in turn be snuck onto the voter rolls, legally or illegally, in order to ensure perpetual power for the Democrats in a one-party state.

The Democrats apparently think deliberately filling Arizona with illegals from other states is funny. They are doing this to punish the "racist" normal White people of Arizona who became tired of their home state being transformed into a province of Mexico, and who attempted to enforce the immigration laws that the Obama dictatorship would not. There is no limit to what the Democrat one-party state will do to hurt Republicans and punish White people for voting Republican.

In November of this year--if Republican governors and state legislators can stand firm against Democrat vote fraud--we will have our second-to-last chance to elect a Congress that might actually be sufficiently responsive to normal people to do what normal people want done, i.e. at least attempt to remove Barack Hussein Obama from the Oval Office.

It may well be that if Obama remains unimpeached, and he is allowed to continue defying the law like this, the 2016 general election may actually be too late. There may have been too many illegal foreigners snuck into this country and snuck onto the voter rolls by the Democrats, as they did in California.

But since we won't use the legal and constitutional methods the Founding Fathers left us to deal with lawless presidents and dictatorships, let's give the polls of more shot in November, shall we?

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