Friday, June 13, 2014

Barack Hussein Obama Is A Fool

As Baghdad prepares to go the way of Saigon, it looks like Barry is going to be turning to our brave and noble traditional allies, the Persians, to act as America's surrogate in the region and try and pull Washington's chestnuts out of the fire. 

You know, Iran? The same country that both conservatives and liberals have been abusing and demonizing and threatening to bomb back into the Stone Age for the past couple of years, if they don't be nice wogs and stop threatening poor, defenseless little Israel with their nasty centrifuges?

Yes, I know. This was Bush's doing to begin with, but the Democrats have been in charge for six years now and I'm sorry, they own it now. And we have an affirmative action hire in the White House with a room-temperature IQ.

The Shi'ite puppet dictator we left in charge, Nouri Al-Maliki, is now screaming for American air strikes to keep the Sunnis from running his ass out of Baghdad and forcing him to flee to the safety of his Swiss bank accounts, or else end up swinging on the gallows like Saddam Hussein or a lamp post like Najibullah did in Afghanistan.

Looks like he's not going to get his air strikes. You see, apparently the United States military has been allowed to deteriorate so badly that any return to Iraq is out of the question.The reason Barry didn't invade Syria a year ago was that some of his few remaining non-political generals who haven't been purged from the Pentagon yet took him aside and told him the facts of life, militarily speaking. The U.S. military is running on empty after twelve years of imperial adventures. Right now we'd be hard put to invade Grenada again.

Us going to the Iranians for help in cleaning up a mess the United States made in the first place. I swear to God, you could not make this stuff up! God, these people who rule us are morons!

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