Monday, May 19, 2014

To Resist The Democratic Party Is To Resist Tyranny

The Democrats want to create a human ant farm in this country where the almighty State and the Ruling Party (guess who?) tell everyone what to eat, what to think, what to drive, and what words they can say in public--or even think.

You know the line in the military oath about defending America against all enemies foreign and domestic? The Democratic party are the worst domestic enemies this country has got. They do not need to be argued with or persuaded. They need to be defeated.

Make no mistake: these upcoming elections are about tyranny, and how far normal people are willing to let it go. To resist the Democratic party is to resist tyranny, and we cannot allow ourselves to be shouted down, cowed, and intimidated by these wicked people because we are afraid of being called names on the internet and on cable TV talking heads show. We have to stop being terrified of words. If they want to call us racist or homophobic or mean-spirited or whatever, then to hell with them.

Who gives a rat's ass what Ariana Huffington or Joan Walsh or Jon Stewart think, anyway? Who died and made them little tin-plated gods?

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