Thursday, May 15, 2014

The White Republican On Rush

First off, on our party's alleged "true leader": 

Numero uno (since we are rapidly becoming a colony of the Spanish-speaking world and in some places can no longer function without speaking Spanish), yes, Rush is probably the best known and certainly the most respected spokesman for the GOP among the dwindling normal population of America.

Numero dos, no, Rush has nothing to do with this blog. He can't. If and when it is ever brought to his attention, he will scream in horror and denounce us, possibly on the air, which would be a signal honor.  We get this, we expect it, we know he has to do it, no problemo

We WRs--White Republicans, by which we mean racially conscious White Republicans--must operate like U-boats within the party, moving beneath the surface, always alert for the sound of engines overhead as "destroyers" from the RINOs and Country Club set, the Rockefeller Republicans who care nothing for America or her shrinking population of normal people, seek to track us down and sink us.

That said, we do not agree with everything Rush says, most glaringly his unbalanced and potentially dangerous take on the Middle East. There will be more commentary on this in the months to come. Mucho mas.

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