Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Dems Hate Hillary As Much As Normal People Do

Has anyone ever wondered exactly how, back in 2008 when Hillary was inevitable and all but coronated as Queen of Hearts, all of a sudden this "young, articulate black man" suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the primaries and snatched the Sea Hag's crown from her grasp? 

Did it just happen by magic? Or was the whole thing set up from the beginning by a clique of high-power Democrats who would rather be buggered by buffaloes than see Hillary Clinton as president of the United States?

The nonentity and mediocrity Barack Hussein Obama and his ebony mate with the planet-sized ass were deliberately selected, groomed, and deployed by elements in the Democratic party who, as much as they may hate normal people, loathe and despise Hillary Clinton even worse. 

Hill and Bill made a hell of a lot of enemies in their own clique during their eight-year reign of perversion and corruption, from feminist harpies who find the Sea Hag's tolerance of her priapic mate's hijinks to be a knock to Sisterhood, to Democrats the Clintons shoved aside and knocked their snouts out of the trough in various ways, to people the Sea Hag trampled over starting with the White House travel office scandal and continuing for eight long years. 

Not to mention the friends and relatives of the people they had murdered, and probably a silent core of Democratic pols who are nervous that if the Sea Hag ever gets hold of the Oval Office and has the FBI and CIA at her full command, the bodies are going to start dropping like flies all over Washington, D.C. Hell hath no fury like a feminist bitch scorned and denied her rightful crown for sixteen years.

Plus, there are probably a few old-line Democrats remaining who still have some residual bits and pieces of feeling remaining for the welfare of the country (it's not impossible) and who don't want to see us ruled by a borderline insane screaming vengeance-crazed Sea Hag who may be suffering from brain damage and dementia praecox. 

Okay, in view of the fact that the Democrats have been using a completely untalented affirmative action hire with a room-temperature IQ as a figurehead for the last eight years, that may sound unlikely. But it's possible that there are still a few Democrats out there who are sharp enough to see and understand that happened during the Clinton and Obama years, and who have enough sense to realize that if they keep on trashing the whole country and reducing the United States to a second-class power and a Third World nation, the trough is going to have a lot less in it for them to gobble up like hogs. Self-interest could be a powerful motive for some of the George Soros faction to pull the rug out from under the Sea Hag's Gucci pumps.

So, the question is: what will these "Hillary Skeptics" as they are called, do about it this time?

Another "handsome, articulate, dynamic young black man?", I think they understand that would be too hard a sell, in view of the total dog's dinner Barry and Michelle have made of the country.

How about an ultra-liberal feminist bitch who thinks she understands economics and who is admittedly ageing a lot better than Hillary? Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, come on down!

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