Sunday, May 25, 2014

Barack Hussein Obama Is A Fool

We learn from the Weekly Standard that the bloom finally seems to be going off the rose where Barack Hussein Obama is concerned. Even the most dyed-in-the-wool liberal now understands that Barry's incompetence has become an electoral liability, and that the seats of many powerful liberal Democrats are now in danger because of Obama's weakness and his lack of intelligence and character. Basically, we've got an affirmative action hire in the White House, and it has been a disaster. 

That's not how it's supposed to work. Affirmative action hires are purely for show. They are given fancy titles and big shiny desks and placed by the door, so people coming into the office can see a black or brown face or a pair of tits and know that this company is, indeed, on the side of the liberal angels and is therefore worthy of a share of the big government tax pie. 

The Democrats used money as a bribe to force affirmative action on American business. Black and brown faces and mammary glands entitle a company to stick its snout in the taxpayer trough with government contracts, subsidies, tax breaks for "diversity," etc. Normal people should not have allowed this stupid system to arise in the first place, of course, and so in this as in everything else we are now paying the price for keeping silent in exchange for a comfortable life thirty and forty years ago. 

To a large extent what is happening to America today is our fault. We didn't resist and put a stop to the Democrats back when, with some effort, it would still have been possible to do so and still maintain our comfortable lives, beginning with, say, the anile Jimmy Carter. We didn't clean out the nest of rattlesnakes beneath the house two generations ago, and so now the rattlers are crawling through the house, full grown, eating our pets and striking and killing our children. Inaction and cowardice has a price.

The ultimate manifestation of normal people's spinelessness and unwillingness to resist is Barack Hussein Obama and that ghastly negress with the planet-sized ass who accompanied him into the White House. You do not put your affirmative action hires anywhere they can actually do any damage; you place them out of the way of the White employees, usually male, who actually run things and prevent the entire enterprise from falling to pieces. 

That is the system that has kept America functioning--more or less--since the 70s.  It even worked to a certain extent during Obama's first term when the White House was actually run by smart Jewish men like Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and Cass Sunstein. Obama himself just kind of spun around in his chair behind his desk in the Oval Office yelling "whoopee!" while his staff destroyed the American health care system for him. 

But during the second term the smart Jews have bailed on Barry, like rats leaving a sinking ship, probably to clear the field for Hillary. Now Barry is floundering to the point that he's become an electoral liability even to his own wretched party, who will be using most of the rest of 2014 trying to distance themselves from him

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  1. Great article. What you say is 100% correct. Obama is the 1st affirmative action president of the US. He will go down as the most insignificant president in US history.