Tuesday, May 20, 2014

These People Don't Get To Feel Good About Themselves

Various liberal  assholes in the media have been whining about Republican and conservative mockery in the blogosphere and on talk radio, of Michelle Obama's bird-brained hashtag campaign about the kidnapped Nigerian girls. (An incident, by the way, which threatens United States interests not at all and which concerns the United States in no way whatsoever.)

The poor persecuted little liberal cretins weep that we normal people are so mean and cruel to them it just breaks their little hearts. Why should they be mocked for expressing their "concern" by us pale-skinned meanies?

Because liberals are "expressing their concern" not for the kidnapped girls, but for themselves, so they can feel good about themselves. So that they can feel smug about themselves and look down on normal people. 

That needs to stop. Liberals are vicious, stupid, and wicked people who have for all intents and purposes destroyed what was once the greatest country in the world. The land that was the true "light unto the nations" is now a vast stopped-up toilet with its sewage overflowing. Liberals and the Democrats have done that, and they deserve mockery. 

Well, they deserve a lot more than that, but at the moment mockery is the only form of resistance we seem to be able to muster the courage to engage in.

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