Tuesday, May 27, 2014

IRS Forbids "Dumping" Of Employees Onto Obamacare

The IRS has now "forbidden" private employers to "dump" their employers onto the badly misnamed Obamacare "health exchanges." 

We don't know exactly how this will work, because no law has actually been passed by Congress. We simply have a department of faceless Democrat bureaucrats telling us what we can and can't do, which is the Obama style of government--by royal command. You hear that, oh fortunate subjects of The One? No dumping. now. Don't you wicked business people dare dump!

What, exactly constitutes "dumping" one's employees onto Obamacare? I.e. telling them to avail themselves of something the dictatorship, in its benevolence, has decided to grant unto the black and brown peasantry in exchange for their votes?

Suppose an employer simply cannot afford to pay for medical insurance for all his employees, something quite likely in the Obama Depression? Suppose it's "dump" his employees onto Obamacare or go out of business, in which case there is nothing for anyone involved? No health insurance for the employees, no money for the employees, no profit for the owner, no taxes for the dictator?

One is tempted to say the IRS simply won't care, but actually they probably will. A large part of the dictatorship's hidden agenda is that the Democrats want small business to fail and is clearly doing everything possible to make that happen. They don't like the idea of self-employed, economically independent normal people, because that is the core of the Republican base in this country, and anyone who votes Republican must be destroyed, in the minds of the dictator's servants.

To be honest, some RINOs and Rockefeller Republicans, the country club set in our party, have the same idea. The Democratic party wants everybody dependent on a government check, and the RINOs down at the country club want everybody dependent on a check from a big multi-national conglomerate. People with paychecks to threaten can be controlled.

It used to be before people in this country had to do something, Congress had to get together and pass a law, using what the Constitution refers to as "advise and consent." Nowadays no one advises the Democrats on anything and the only consent required is that of the dictator, to sign an executive order--or in this case, some nameless bureaucrat who does the will of the ruling party in what has become effectively a one-party state, and what will officially become a one-party state once the millions of Democrat voters who are in the country illegally can be amnestied thanks to the spineless RINOs.

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