Saturday, May 24, 2014

Obamacare Is Where They're Most Vulnerable

Obamacare is where the Democrats are most vulnerable, because it affects the largest number of normal people who have lost their health coverage, lost their doctors, and lost access to treatment because of the Democrats' seizure of the national health insurance system through a corrupt Congress.

It should be fought by Republicans on the campaign trail not with vague rhetoric but with specific complaints and examples of how ordinary, normal people have had their lives destroyed by liberal Democrat ideology through their abuse of the health care system.

We need to start using the R-word loud and long here. No, we don't mean "racism". That's the Democrats' bird-brained R-word, the one we need to reject and learn to throw back in their faces like a clown throws a cream pie. The R-word Republicans need to use in re Obamacare is REPEAL.  

Only full and complete repeal of this odious and unconstitutional law will do. Everything that the Third World tyrant Barack Hussein Obama does while he befouls the Oval Office must be dismantled and rendered null and void, as if it had never been. 

He has no right to sit in that office at all and if Republicans cannot muster the courage to deal with that fact, the least they can do is get him out of there using our antiquated electoral system and un-do everything the creepy thing did, re-sterilize and re-consecrate the White House as if those things had never been there.

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