Friday, May 23, 2014

Republicans Must Oppose The Surveillance State

One the the things the GOP needs to do right away is get on the right side of this whole domestic spying issue. Normal people don't like it. It frightens them and upsets them that the FBI might literally have microphones in the sugar bowl, and the NSA is recording every phone call made and every e-mail sent in this country. Normal people have a right to privacy, a genuine one, not the bogus one the Democrat Supreme Court mysteriously "found" in the Constitution to justify abortion.

Not to mention the fact that our so-called security agencies are doing this is bizarre and Orwellian and an offense against the whole spirit of what America is supposed to be about. One gets the impression that the FBI, DHS, NSA and God knows who all else have become a bunch of weak and squamous little gossips, peeking through keyholes looking for sex and drugs and rock and roll in the lives of other Americans because their own lives are such train wrecks, and reading other people's texts and e-mails gives them a feeling of power.

The simple fact is that normal people do not trust the FBI and NSA and the completely unnecessary "Department of Homeland Security" to use this data wisely, and not to turn it against ordinary citizens to frame them for non-existent crimes and steal their property for the government, which is something that has happened all too often in this country's history. 

Never mind the stupid TV shows and movies lionizing them, the FBI especially is hated and feared by normal people, who have never trusted them ever since J. Edgar Hoover's cowards shot Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger in the back while they were running away. These things tend to find their way into popular legend and folk memory.

For the 2014 elections, the Republican party needs to come down four-square in opposition to the Surveillance State, and do everything to point out that it is largely a Democrat phenomenon. The genuine steps which were taken under President Bush and Vice President Cheney to advance that Surveillance State need to be firmly and publicly repudiated. 

(While the Democrats are liars and frauds to blame everything bad that has happened in this country on President Bush, we need to understand and at least tacitly accept that as a President, Jug-Ears left a good deal to be desired. One of the marks of an adult is that he mans up and admits it when he makes a mistake. Bush and Cheney were by no means the satanic figures the liberals portray them as, but we have to be honest with ourselves and with the voters--they were no prizes, that Iraq war was a fuck-up and should never have happened, and our party hardly covered ourselves with glory between 2001 and 2008. We need Republicans like Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan, not the Bushes.)

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