Friday, May 30, 2014

Sea Hag Lashes Out On Benghazi

The Sea Hag has launched a pre-emptive strike in a new book she is publishing, which contains a special chapter wherein she tries to explain away how she got four Americans killed in Benghazi through her stupidity, incompetence, and inaction.

In this book she implies that she will refuse all co-operation and refuse to appear before the House investigating committee trying to ascertain what happened on September 11, 2012. 

It is of course illegal and contempt of Congress to refuse to appear and testify truthfully before a House committee, but as we learned in the Lois Lerner case, the spineless RINOs in Congress are too lame to enforce those laws any more. Lois Lerner got away with showing up and spitting in Republican Congressmen's faces, and the Sea Hag will get away with not showing up at all. Power Womyn from the ruling party like her and Lois Lerner are above the law in Obama's Amurrica.

The Democrats are acutely aware that Hillary is vulnerable on Benghazi, because she screwed the pooch so bad there that it's really quite impossible even for their own heavily-controlled media to put any lipstick on that particular pig. 

That's why outfits like Salon Magazine and Huffington Post and Tom Tomorrow's anile cartoons are mocking Republicans' so-called "Benghazi obsession." It's whistling past the graveyard. Benghazi has The One and The One Party running scared, make no mistake.

Hillary is also one of the few people who might shed some light on the most fascinating Benghazi mystery of all--where was Barack Hussein Obama when all this was going on? No, really, where was he, as in physical location? No one has offered any information on that, and the White House logs remain strangely unsubpoenaed. 

Where, exactly, was our illustrious Manchild President when four Americans died? Getting it on with a secret catamite in a Georgetown lust nest while his drunken Secret Service bodyguards listened to the oooghs and the aaarghs from behind the door? Where?

Subsidiary mystery: whose bright idea was it to appoint a practicing homosexual as ambassador to a fundamentalist Muslim country? (Chris Stevens' sexual orientation has been air-brushed out of both Democrat and neo-conservative narratives, being inconvenient for both.)

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