Thursday, May 15, 2014

Political Correctness Makes Monsters

[Found this lying around on my hard drive, and it's just as valid today as then. I won't run the Breitbart link because it's long dead - HAC]

It's A Jungle Out There

I understand that a lot of people will wonder what my occasional articles about Florida weirdness have to do with racial or political matters. I keep on posting these because Florida is the thin edge of the wedge. What is happening in Florida will eventually happen throughout all the rest of the United States, and what is happening in Florida is actually pretty bizarre. Whole American states and cities are now becoming effectively part of Mexico, but Florida is turning into Jurassic Park.

According to Breitbart news: "Giant pythons capable of swallowing a dog and even an alligator are rapidly making south Florida their home, potentially threatening other southeastern states, a study said. 'Pythons are likely to colonize anywhere alligators live, including north Florida, Georgia and Louisiana,' said Frank Mazzotti University of  the Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences professor, in his two-year study."

Breitbart goes on: "The pythons thriving in Florida are mostly Burmese pythons from Myanmar that were brought over as pets and then turned loose in the wild."  

Okay, that's the first thing that is really weird about this, another symptom of our growing national insanity. What kind of a deranged kook keeps a giant predatory reptile as a pet? What are you going to do with the damned thing? Pet it? Groom it and put a ribbon on it? Play fetch with it? 

Secondly, what kind of completely irresponsible nutball will get tired of this "pet," or scared of it when it grows too big, and then take it out and turn it loose on the community? Who, exactly, was doing so much of this that we now have a native breeding population of pythons in Florida? 

Back to Breitbart: "From 2002-2005, 201 of the beasts were caught by state authorities, but in the last two years the number has more than doubled to 418, Mazzotti said in his study published on the university website."  

(Mother of God, that's a lot of snakes!) 

 "The largest python caught so far in Florida measured five meters (16.4 feet) and weighed 70 kilograms (154 pounds). Mazzotti said the serpents, despite their awesome size, are not poisonous, but are excellent swimmers and able to cover great distances in little time. Some, trapped and released with radio transmitters, swam 60 kilometers (37 miles) in a few hours. Highly adaptable, pythons prey on cats, dogs, hares, foxes, squirrels, raccoons and even alligators, allowing them to thrive in a variety of environments."  

How long before one of these monsters gets into some house or mobile home, finds a baby in its crib and eats a human infant alive? 

Breitbart: "After populating the Florida Everglades -- a vast marshland -- where it is estimated they number 30,000, the giant python is now spreading across the rest of the peninsula."

As reference my past postings, in addition to giant pythons, Florida now has feral and breeding populations of gigantic Gambian rats, grotesque rodents the size of Scotch terriers who look like Mickey Mouse with their huge round ears, and also populations of feral South American monkeys, no doubt also the result of people obtaining them for pets and then kicking them out the door when they befoul the place. (Monkeys can't be housebroken and are incredibly destructive animals.)

Now this zoo (literally) is spreading throughout Florida and no doubt then on up through Georgia and into the Carolinas, and throughout the South. Our absolute refusal to control our borders and our environment and assume responsibility for maintaining American identity and the integrity of our country in any sense is literally turning this continent into a jungle.

The pythons occasionally have marathon one on one battles with the alligators like something out of a 1950s Lost World movie. Not to mention Africanized bees that are now cruising the Southwest and at least half a dozen fatal disease micro-organisms, from dengue to Nile fever to ebola to weird mutated pestilences that appear to have germinated in the Third World soup of Florida and Los Angeles and Houston, and American doctors have no idea on earth what they are. Oh, and did I mention bubonic plague in Arizona and Texas and all that rot that keeps getting into the lettuce and produce and meat from the filthy illegals in the packing and processing plants and killing a few people in fast food restaurants every year or so?

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