Monday, August 24, 2015

Will Huma Take The Hit?

Any chance Huma might break and turn on her lover, ya think? If she's threatened with indictment for something, as she may be since it looks like Barry and Valerie have turned the Jewstice Department on those uppity girls. Or will Huma fall on her sword to protect the Sea Hag, mebbe?

Thing is, I don't see how Huma or anyone else can fall on their sword for Hillary in this e-mail mess. This is what makes e-mailgate or whatever so different from Whitewater, Vince Foster, et. al. The finger points right at the Hag herself and it's pretty undeniable. No middlemen, or women, or middle-critters of any kind. Hill was the one who set the stupid system up and used it, herself, clearly to hide whatever she was doing by way of corruption from prying eyes. The whole thing was her idea. She should have known it was idiotic, and she'd get caught, but she counted on her Hillary Pass that gives her immunity from the law.

How about a federal indictment two days before the Iowa Caucuses? Would that even sink her? Or would the Hildebeest just ignore it like she's ignored all the other stuff, confident that her pass still holds good. But does it?

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