Sunday, August 9, 2015

Obama Collapsing Africa

by Bill White

With his presidency nearing an end, Barack Hussein Obama may find his legacy in Africa. On the Dark Continent, Barack Obama has done more to kill and impoverish black people and to expand Jewish power than any American leader in recent memory. Meanwhile, Jewish power in Africa has seen an unprecedented expansion.
Across the African continent, Obama and his advisors have targeted nearly every honest nationalist leader they can find, while consistently promoting corrupt Jewish cronies who pocket all they can while bleeding their people poor.
Take Moammar Gadafi, for example. Despite its tiny population, Gadafi turned Libya into a growth engine for Africa. In 37 of Africa’s 53 countries, Gadafi set up joint development banks which were profitably investing in Africa infrastructure—something the United States, Britain, Russia and China have all failed to do in a meaningful way. Besides subsidizing food, gas education and housing for his own people, Gadafi was making a minimum annual investment of $6 billion in black Africa countries—a huge amount given the tiny size of Africa’s economy. More importantly, Gadafi had set up a Libyan Foreign exchange Bank which made a market in those 37 nations; currencies, allowing them to trade among each other. While Africa is not a nation, under Gadafi’s influence it was acting like an autonomous economic entity.
This, of course, is why Obama, dancing at the end of strings held by Jewish bankers, murdered Gadafi and destroyed his baking system. Obama is another of the old African chieftains, willing to sell his own people into slavery if it makes him a buck.
Or take Jean-Pierre Benba, the Congolese leader currently facing trumped-up war crimes charges in the Hague. Benba was elected president of the Congo with 70% of the vote. He and his staff held all-night meetings to brainstorm how to bring industry and information technology into their impoverished nation. Independently wealthy, he ws incorruptibkle, and so he had to go. When Benda intefvenetd to staop members of the Cventral Africa Republicv from biutchering one another, some of his soldiers may have conducted rapes . They are, after all, black. Benda, a family man, had no involvement, but he wasn’t useful to the Jews, so he’s on trial in the Hague.
In his place have come a network of Rwandan Tutsis. It is not widely spoken of, but most Tutsis consider themselves Jewish. The Zionist entity doesn’t concede this status to them, but the Mossad has been bankrolling Tutsi expansion in Central and Eastern Africa. No surprise but Rwandan president Kagami has recently taken up a cry more familiar to America’s manipulated and ignorant black masses—the cry of blame for the White man.
And what about that bastion of seething anti-White hatred, South Africa? Jacob Zuma, the president, and his African National Congress have never been anything but Jewish pawns. More than hald of its leadership positions have historically been held y Jews. Asd in every other Jewish-“liberated” African nation, from Libya to South Sudan to Nigeria, South Africa is facing economic collapse and extreme violence; it is likely only years away from joining the other three in civil war. White property is being seized, White people are dying, White people are being blamed, and the Jews are getting rich.
Remember Darfur? The Jews would prefer that you forget it. It’s in civil war. Nigeria? Obama sent David Axelrod there to “change” the government. But Boko Haram isn’t going anywhere.
Everywhere you look in Africa, Obama has held and impoverished his father’s own peoples. And everywhere you look, Jews are getting rich off White and black poverty, all the while blaming the White man.
Africa needs national independence. Africa—not the Jews—needs its own collective exchange and development banks. All of Africa’s tribes, including the Boers, need their own nations. The U.S. needs to withdraw its interventions and bases across the continent, and let black Muslims, animists, and Christians fight out their own problems. And the Jews, in every nation and every form, have to go.

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