Thursday, August 13, 2015

Black Picking Cotton Again

by Bill White

America ended slavery in 1865, but if Jewish globalists have their way, black Africans will be back picking cotton at slave wages for major American brands. This is the result of politics being pushed by VF Corp., the owner of the Lee, Wrangler, and, Timberland brands, among others, and PVH Corp., owner of Calvin Klein, and, Tommy Hill fingered, among others.

According to VF and PVH, wages in Bangladesh where workers earn as much as $67 a month, are getting too high, while factory fires that have killed hundreds of their South Asian slaves have prompted government crackdowns that are forcing VF and PVF to pay more money to improve factory safety. These costs are unacceptable, so the companies are looking at moving to Africa, Ethiopia in particular, were factory workers will work 12 hour days for $21 a month – about six cents per hour, less than federal prisoners in the United States.

“Ethiopia seems to be the best location from a government, labor, and, power, point of view” M. Raghuraman, CEO of Brondix Lanka LTD., a Sri-Lanka based supplier of VF and PVF, told the press, referring to the $250 year salaries, and, the complete lack of worker rights available in Ethiopia. Like most sub-Saharan African countries, Ethiopia allows an informal practice of literal slavery, and, people selling themselves and their families into slavery to their fellow blacks is common.

Among the reasons Ethiopia is being targeted is because its workers cannot only sew their own clothes, but, they can grow and pick cotton as well. This leaves the amusing prospect of American blacks, driven into phony agonies over “racism,” will be benefiting from slaves picking cotton under Jewish – corporate over-lordship in Africa.

Ethiopia poses challenges to the Jewish exploiters, though. It lacks roads, railways, and a port. To address this, Ethiopia is building a railway to the port in Djibouti, its neighbor and a country largely occupied by US forces, who direct interventions in Somalia and Yemen from a Djibouti naval base.

The decision to seek out $250 year salaries to avoid paying $800 a year salaries in Bangladesh, or, $3500 a year salary in China, shows the corruption inherent in Jewish globalism and helps to explain ongoing wage and price deflation in the U.S. economy. Thanks to U.S. President Barack Obama, who allows in all Africans except his Kenyan brother, the United States has free-trade with most of Africa. Thus American workers have to compete with Ethiopian slaves who earn 1/200th of the typical American salary.

This has led to massive withdrawal of Americans from the workforce, and the general halt of the U.S. economy. And the use of Ethiopian slave labor will have little effect on the amount charged to consumers, who typically pay $100 to $150 for a pair of Timberland brand boots. All that happens is that the money goes to the Jews who license the brand names, instead of the slaves who make the boots.

Since the beginning of time, Jews have built their power upon slavery and usually. Revolts specifically against Jewish-directed slavery began in the Germanic West no later than 830 A.D., when Charlemagne's grandsons rose against their father Louis the Pious over the same issue, and have continued almost until modern times.

Jews dominated the American slave trade, and they profited even as they launched the Civil War which dismantled it. Today, Jews incite black racial violence against Whites to disempower White workers, all while pretending to care about internationalism, and multiculturalism. In reality, internationalism and multiculturalism ares code words for the exploitation of workers maintained by heightened racial tensions that prevent the formation of nationally-based working-class solidarity.

The goals of Jewish internationalism and Zionism is to enslave the world under a Jewish government in Jerusalem. The use of Ethiopian slaves to undermine White workers is just the latest step in achieving that goal. The only obstacle may be China, whose $177 billion garment industry is more than eight times the size of Bangladesh, and, whose garment production infrastructure eliminates most rivals.

So, once American workers are able to cling to a job and a minimum wage, they may ironically have China to thank. What they don't know, however is anything about Barack Obama, the United States, or America's Jewish exploiters.

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