Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Kagan Neocon Clique

by Bill White

The neoconservatives, a group of Jewish Trotskyite Communists who control the Republican Party, are frequently the subject of denunciation. But detailed knowledge of the network of Jews and Jewish families that comprise this clique is often lacking. While Americans know that Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European affairs, Victoria Nuland, is a foul Jewish neocon who engineered them Maidan coup in the Ukraine, few are aware of the family ties that link her to the neocon network and to the Judæo-occult Gentile foundations that are behind America’s imperialist communization.

Victoria Nuland is married to Roger Kagan, of Washington Post columnist senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and co-founder of the Project For A New American Century, the Jewish neocon group which orchestrated the
Iraq and Afghanistan occupations. Roger Kagan’s brother is Frederick Kagan, the director of the American Enterprise Institution, a neocon group almost identical to the Project For A New American Century. Frederick Kagan’s wife is Kimberly Kagan, founder and president of the Institute fFr The Study Of War. Together, the Kagan clique works inside and outside of the government to build a Trotskyite New World order under the cloak of conservatism and Zionism.

That these cliques, like the Rubin clique which controls the Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve exist, and that they push for One World Order where they and their fellow Jews will rule a global state from Jerusalem, is known – even if the cliques themselves are not often studied. But what is less well known is the Gentile money behind them, in the Kagan cliques case the Smith-Richardson and Bradley Foundations. For more than three decades, the Judæophile American Gentiles have financed not only covert
CIA atrocities, but the warmongering Zionism of neoconservativism.

Nuland is the woman on the inside, and the parent power behind the clique. Despite the neocons’ nominal aversion to Obama, Nuland has been permitted to remain in the State Department, where she networks with the
CIA and false Israeli Mossad, both of whom have recruited her to launch coups targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. A former adviser to Dick Cheney, Nuland’s intelligence community contracts have allowed her to enjoy promotion under Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney, as well.

This Nuland also directs the writings of her husband. Robert Kagan, to make sure that Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, and other publications adhere to the CIA line. For instance, in March 2014, after efforts to have Obama bomb Syria failed, Nuland had her husband plant an article, “Superpowers Don’t Get To Retreat” in the New Republic. On March 20, 2015, she had Robert Kagan publish a Post column demanding $117 billion to finance military interventions against Putin and the Ukraine. In Nuland’s words: “Suffice to say that nothing goes out of this house that I don’t think is worthy of his talents let’s put it that way”.

The name Kagan is a royal title, Khan, given to the kings of the Turko-Mongolian tribesmen who converted to Judaism 738 A.D. Their tribe was the Khazars, but, as the word Khazar means “pig” in Hebrew, they preferred to be called Ashkenazi.

Since Nuland can’t formally take bribes, the money backing this warmongering campaign is funneled not only through her husband’s PNAC, but through her brother and sister-in-law’s foundations. The same defense contractors who profit from the wars Nuland starts and the money Robert Kagan urges be appropriated—General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman,
CACI, DynCorp, Palantir, and others—kick a portion of that money back through foundations to the Kagan communities’ pockets, the exact same conduct that the Department of Justice alleges was criminal when FIFA did it.

And the Kagan clique networks. When it seized the
Ukraine, it made Arsery Yatsenyuk, an IMF-World Bank official affiliated with the Rubin clique, Prime Minister. In launching the Maidan coup Nuland worked with the Jewish National Endowment for Democracy’s boss Carl Grisham. And she enjoys the support and friendship of Gentile occultists John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

The Trotskyist clique which controls
America likes to dismiss examination of its activities as conspiracy theory. But a small networks of Jews like the Kagan family have control of America’s institutions, and are using those institutions to push for one world Zionist New World Order, and that’s no theory. It’s documented fact.

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