Monday, August 17, 2015

Trump Still Trumpeting

It's simple: buffoon or not, sincere or not, Donald Trump is that figure I have long been predicting will emerge from all this wrack--someone from the world of celebrity who can't be blacked out because the media has already "created" him and given him life and visibility. 

Someone who is at long last saying out loud the things that the American people so desperately want to hear

Someone who is demonstrating that he is not afraid

Someone who displays that White strength and dominance that should be provided by White Nationalism, and could be if a few of us were allowed the kind of media access that Trump's billions buy him.

As to the speculation that the presidential game is yet again rigged, and that Trump will be stampeded or defrauded into a third-party run which will leech away votes from Jeb Bush and throw the election to Hillary, like the Clintons won in 1992 through Ross Perot, essentially by cheating--yes, that could be the plan.

I don't think he will be allowed within ten miles of the Oval Office, in any event. So let's just sit back and watch the show. 

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