Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It Ain't Happening, Guys

Okay, look, guys, let's stifle all our wild hopes and fantasies of seeing the bitch in an orange jumpsuit with steel on her wrists, on her way to the great clangy barry place to share a very small steel and concrete box with some BIIIIIIG niggaz.

It ain't gonna happen, people. Sorry. As much as it stinks in my nostrils to admit, to a large extent she really is above the law, and I think we all know it.

All this DOJ stuff is crap. It's Barry sending his niggaz in suits to put the kibosh on the Hildebeest's campaign. Now, he might--just might succeed in chasing her out of the campaign, in which case we'll know that the Gentleman's Agreement of 1992 is still holding and we'll get Jeb Bush for President in 2016, or just maybe some other RINO.

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