Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Turkey Turns On Obama Allies

by Bill White

Since the beginning, the Syrian Civil War has made a mockery of American Zionist aspirations. Once protest against Assad broke out, the American Jewish media and its puppet Senators like warmongers John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, assured us that an army of Arab spring-style liberal Google executives would lead an army of “moderates” who would liberate the Syrian state, bringing the joys of austerity, atheism, and homosexuality to this suffering land. But things soon turned bad. U.S. allies Turkey and Qatar helped create the Al-Qaeda Allied Nusra Font, while U.S .allies Saudi Arabia and the false Israel created the Islamic State. America remained aloof from the fighting until it toppled their puppet government in Iraq, ceding what the Islamic state didn’t occupy to an Iranian vassal.

In February 2015 the dispensation of justice by the caliphate led to American intervention.  Obama’s faction du jour were the Kurdish Communists, whose Maoist politics most clearly mirrored his own.
U.S. air strikes, coordinated with Kurdish guerrillas, have pushed the Islamic State back from the Syrian border with Turkey. But the use of Turkey as a sanctuary for the Marxists has led to cross-border attacks on Kurdish Workers’ Party recruitment drives. These attacks have drawn Turkey into the Syrian conflict. However, it’s drawn Turkey in against American’s Kurdish allies.

For decades, the PKK has struggled to carve a Kurdish Soviet out of southeastern
Turkey, northern Syria, northeast Iraq, and western Iran. A brutal Turkish civil war ended in the peace agreement of three years ago. But with U.S. arms and training the PKK – a group which Americans are prohibited by law from supporting, unless they’re Obama and his goons—turned their American weapons not on the Islamic state but toward a renewed conflict with Turkey. Turkey has decided to attack not the Islamic state, but the PKK forces which U.S. air power is assisting.

“We call on the PKK not to continue these attacks which are provoking the Turkish retaliation,” an unnamed Obama official told the media, “We also call on the Turks to be judicious in the operations they’re undertaking”.

Those operations included the bombing of warehouses in northern Iraq, where U.S.-supplied weapons are held and U.S.-funded training facilities and located, as well as the closure of PKK bases in Turkey and the arrest of over 1000 U.S.-backed fighters and their logistical and, administrative personnel.
Turkey has also called on NATO to support its invasion and declaration of war on Syria. The area on the Turkish border that Turkey proposes to seize just happens to be the same area the U.S. has just helped the PKK capture

To take matters one step further, the Zionists are now covertly supplying the PKK too, in exchange for oil extracted from Iraqi Kurdistan.

This massive Middle Eastern chaos, which has created a lawless land from the
Mediterranean to Baghdad, has been planned by the Zionists since 1981 when the Yinan plan was issued. Under the Yinan plan, a general ethnic and, religious war was to be instigated across the Middle East in order to draw attention from the Zionist occupation of Palestine. This plan implemented the larger plan laid out in the Protocols Of The Elders of Zion, where the conflict with Islam is to spark a Third World War.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, the same Jewish Zionists who started this by overturning Saddam Hussein’s government in Iraq such as the so-called Institute for the Study of War are presenting phony maps to the public, designed to minimize the Islamic State and make the factions the Jews want the United States to back seem worthy of support. The goal doesn’t seem to be to win the conflict, but to pour arms into
Syria so as to perpetuate the conflict indefinitely.

So far,no state actor has violated the border of another state with their formal military forces, but if the Turks invade
Syria it would be an invitation for Iran  formally to enter Iraq, a move that could lead to war with Saudi Arabia. And, Saudi Arabia has already deployed troops to Yemen and Bahrain to fight Iranian-backed movements.

Should this tinderbox explode, anything could happen. And that seems to be how the Jews like it. Gentiles die. The Zionist occupation is secure. And American blood and, treasure ends up siphoned into Jewish pockets.

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