Saturday, July 19, 2014

Needed: A Middle East Re-Think

Okay, I've fallen behind again. Usual abject apologies.

Quick concept I want to run up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes: at some point in time, the sooner the better, this country needs to re-think its entire "special relationship" with Israel, with a view toward bringing that relationship to an end. 

There is nothing in that entire "shitty little country," as a British diplomat once called it, that is worth a single American life. There is no damned excuse for what the Jews are doing over there now. 

If nothing changes, these periodic outbursts of psychotic violence stemming from the illegal Jewish occupation of Palestine are simply going to continue forever and ever, amen, until one day one of them gets out of hand and the whole region explodes. 

Millions of people have spent the last 66 years building up a massive reserve of hatred and righteous rage against the Zionists and their American paymasters, and when that ultimate and inevitable explosion finally occurs, it could literally destroy the world.

That is entirely too high a price to pay for the Christian fundamentalist vote come election time. What are those tub-thumpers going to do? Vote Democrat? 

The Democrats get away with walking all over their black base because they know our duskier brethren will never break the plantation. (A fact of life certain Republicans seem to need reminders of.) We need to learn to treat the 700 Club crowd like the Dems treat the blacks where Israel is concerned. And the Israelis need to learn to get along with their neighbors, or else.

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