Thursday, July 10, 2014

Climate Change Not All Bad, If It's Happening At All

Just a quick reminder that all scientists are not in agreement about so-called climate change (you know, it used to be called global warming before the earth started to cool off in 1998?)

Suggestion to the Republican party for 2014 and 2016: make exposing the Democrats' climate change hoax a key point in our platform. Once normal people get it through their heads that the whole thing is a gull, they are more likely to bestir their lazy asses and get to the polls, out of sheer anger at being lied to. God knows we need some emotional issue to get those lazy pale asses up off the sofa.

Suggested talking point: "If there is climate change, fine, we'll deal with it, in some way other than forcing global socialism on the earth."

(Yeah, I know, that's a libby graphic I attached here, but I think it's cute in a kind of Shadow Over Innsmouth way.)

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  1. We should not take the liberal approach and fire everyone and replace it with solor energy but we must invest in new bio fuel.

    And yes Global warming is occurring and we are seeing a drastic drop in aquatic and animal population.