Friday, July 11, 2014


"Of all the headaches of her current book tour — the declining sales, the constant travel, the interviews that generated unkind headlines about her family’s wealth — this one may sting Hillary Rodham Clinton the most: Her memoir, Hard Choices, has just been toppled from its spot on the best-seller list by a sensational Clinton account by her longtime antagonist Edward Klein."


The book is called Blood Feud, and it's the one wherein it is revealed that Barry and Michelle My Belle called her the Hildebeest.

Of course, not many people actually read books any more, but Mr. Klein will have done us all a service if we can just get that one moniker into general circulation. The media have suppressed it, of course--a Google search turned up only two brief references to the word, once in the New York Post and once in the British Guardian--but a catchy name like that can still go viral.

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