Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hillary's Book Flopping Like A Dying Mackerel

One of the few encouraging signs on the present demented American political scene is that people, both normal and abnormal, finally seem to be getting a bellyful of the Hildebeest (Michelle Obama's term), her narcissistic fascination with herself, her massive sense of entitlement, her arrogance, her contempt for the intelligence of everyone else, and above all her pathological and self-serving lying . 

It's gotten so bad she seems to be losing a fair degree of her lifelong media shield. She hasn't even announced her 2016 presidential campaign yet, but she's clearly started it, two whole years before the election.

The New York Times reports: “Sales of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new memoir, Hard Choices, declined 43.5 percent to 48,000 copies in its second week on the shelves, according to Nielsen BookScan. The sales figures put pressure on the publisher, Simon & Schuster, which paid Mrs. Clinton a multimillion-dollar advance to write about her time at the State Department and has invested heavily in the book’s rollout, one of the biggest of the year.

They may actually lose money on this overpriced, over-hyped piece of piffle. Really, the bloom may finally be off the Sea Hag rose. She is getting old and ugly, and she's reeling from gaffe to misstep to flub like a punch-drunk boxer. In her younger days the Sea Hag did have a certain steely hotness, but Rush Limbaugh is right about one thing—Americans really don’t want a female Crypt Keeper up front for the next eight years and presenting the image of the country. (Besides, she doesn't even speak Spanish.


  1. I am sorry about Poor Hilary's book. But if she really wanted to be a successful authoress and use her experience and privilege and print the confessions of their crimes, the truth. It would be a best seller.

  2. All of those political tell-all books are only legal money laundering schemes for campaign contributions. She must have thought the profits would support her election campaign.

  3. Nice photo! I believe Nostradamus predicted Sea Hag masks to be the top seller Halloween 2014 If the she-pig can't sell this crap or find enough brain- dead cretins to pay for her toxic insanity @ "lectures", Slick Willy could get her on all fours & make big bux in the "World's Ugliest Dog" competition circuit. She makes this year's winner look like a "cutest puppy" winner.