Saturday, July 5, 2014

Get Him OUT Of There!!

The Democrats have now imported an extra 300,000 illegal foreigners to assist in their planned massive vote fraud in 2016. They are being shipped into the heartland, where they are fed and housed and will be educated on the taxpayer's dime until such time as they can be registered to vote. They don't even have to be 21 when that happens; Democrats are old hands at this kind of thing. Ask Mayor Daley and Boss Tweed.

Meanwhile, 93 million adult Americans are unemployed and living off various forms of state largesse, becoming part of the permanent underclass that will create the coming one-party Democratic state.

The Republicans are, of course, just sort of sitting there in Congress with their usual stunned deer-in-the-headlights look. Our country is being invaded and destroyed and turned into goddamned Guatemala, and we are reacting with nothing but words. Well, that's us White folks. If the illegals didn't know that the White man had become weak and cowardly, they wouldn't have come.

That being said, if only for form's sake, we need to somehow or other put forth one last effort, like the last mortal convulsion of a dying animal.

We must jam every paleface and pale skin we can into a polling booth in November. We must drag granny in her walker and grandpa on his cane to the polls, and elect a Republican Congress with full control of the House and the Senate. Swamp the polls with White people and overwhelm the Democrat fraud machine until their election-rigging would simply become too obvious for them to get away with.

We have to install a non-RINO Congress that will have the testicular follication to impeach his baby-shit brown ass and get that Mac Daddy and his ho with her planet-sized ass out of the White House.

Will it work? No. But it might precipitate events of the kind that will work.

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