Monday, July 7, 2014

Impeach His Caramel-Colored Ass AFTER November

Pat Buchanan says no to impeachment for political and psychological reasons. I understand what he's saying but I disagree with it.

Buchanan says that impeachment will energize the Democrat base for the midterms. I know. That's why it has to be put on hold until after next January when there will hopefully be a Republican Senate that might--just might--have the balls actually to convict him, if he continues non-enforcement of immigration laws and allowing hordes of New Democrats to just walk across the border and immediately receive a taxpayer-paid bus ticket to wherever they want to go inside the United States, as is happening now.

Normal people have to make one last, titanic effort to drag our ageing pale asses to the polls in November and get that conservative, Tea Party Republican House that might have the moral fiber to impeach, and the Republican Senate of rich men who will finally feel their personal wealth and power threatened enough by this lawless Third World dictator to convict his baby-shit brown ass and (in theory) remove him from office.

And then--Barry won't leave when told. That's what I'm counting on. 

He will simply stay there in that White House, spinning around and around in his chair in the Oval Office going "wheeeee!" and refuse to go, in the belief, probably correct, that no White men will have the courage and the integrity and the patriotism to go in there, face down his Secret Service goons with guns, and drag his stanky ass out of there.

He will be allowed to sit there while the Republicans dither, and what is left of the System will be paralyzed. There will be the mother of all constitutional crises, which might finally be the straw that breaks the camel's back and brings this whole filthy edifice that has been created since 1933 crashing down around the goddamned Democrats' ears.

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