Friday, August 15, 2014

The Battle Of The Crones

My guess, the 2016 Democratic primaries are going to be a left-wing bloodbath between the two Krazy Krones of the Loony Left, the Hildebeest and Pocahontas--Hillary and Elizabeth Warren, two hags who look sufficiently appallingly alike to make sure that whichever wins, we will spend eight years being governed by a female Crypt Keeper.


  1. Never mind how they look. The scariest part is what they'll do once elected.

  2. The best way to communicate an american political thought is breaking down profound ideas into childlike banter and herding them into safe pens filled with cookies and Xbox. The ideal way for the republican party to promote its ideas of conservative principle is to appoint those Hispanic businessmen into positions of importance as white boomers quit being relivant. As time and poor judgement takes their toll on the white population, the needs of nonwhites will take precident in elections while they continue to protect the white zionist party elites in a vain effort for influence.