Thursday, August 21, 2014

No Balloon Yet

[From Radio Free Northwest, August 21st, 2014]

Okay, back to the comfort zone we go. The nigger riots in St. Louis. The most common question I’m getting is “Is this it, Hurrold? Could this be it? Could the Balloon finally be Going Up?”
No. For one thing, so far the only death is the so-called Gentle Giant, the 6 foot 4 300-pound nigger who robbed a convenience store of a box of Swisher Sweets to make marijuana joints out of and who was so high that when a cop told him to get off the street and back onto the sidewalk, all 300 pounds of him charged the police car and tried to grab the cop’s gun through the window. 
From what I can tell, the Zionist rĂ©gime’s security protocols are still functioning and the militarized police have so far been pretty effective in keeping the booga-booga confined to a radius of about six blocks in Ferguson, Missouri. Also, remember what you are seeing is niggers looting, i.e. stealing things like beauty products and iPhones, and not seriously attacking the power structure or invading White neighborhoods or attempting to overthrow anything.
The Molotov cocktails sailing toward the police lines appear to be pyrotechnics for the media cameras; Molotov cocktails are not anti-personnel weapons, they are anti-property weapons, and so far as I can tell they are not being used to set any serious fires.
Basically, the niggers have seen an opportunity, and they are acting like naughty children and being deliberately rambunctious. Just like Occupy Wall Street, they have a fairly good sense of just how far they can go. I get a distinct feeling that a lot of this has been staged and is being used as part of the Democrat mid-term elections.
Monkoids posturing for the media and getting their T-shirt covered faces on CNN and MSNBC is one thing. Actually hurting anybody or going into a White neighborhood where there might be citizen resistance or serious property damage might occur and rich people, even Democrats, might actually get hurt is something else. It’s pretty clear that won’t be allowed in St. Louis.
I notice the militarized police are on display in Ferguson in a big way, possibly as an advertisement for why they need to be militarized. Some of the left-libs have noticed and they’re screaming about it on their web sites. But militarized or otherwise, the cops’ paychecks are still being direct-deposited into their bank accounts and the money will still buy something, so they’re remaining loyal to the people who pay them and they will not allow this mess to get out of hand.
This is not the Matt Bracken scenario we talked about a few weeks ago. The EBT system is still functioning and there is no genuine desperation among the blacks for food and water. This is also a localized incident so far, and for the time being there doesn’t seem to be any danger of it spreading beyond St. Louis, although a change in that situation is always possible and that could alter my perspective on things, if it spreads.

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