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More From St. Louis

The Washington Post unleashed nine reporters  to unlock the key to Officer Darren Wilson's 'racist' past so the Department of Justice could unleash a federal civil rights suit against the man who executed Michael "No Angel" Brown.

Wait, he didn't execute Mr. Brown? 
Officer Darren Wilson is the new White...

Then why does the media always introduce the "Gentle Giant" by proclaiming he was "unarmed" at the time of his death?

Panning for racial gold in Officer Wilson's past (you know, the same kind of off-color remark about blacks the FBI was supposed to find when they interviewed 30 people familiar with George Zimmerman in 2012...), the Washington Post was unable to locate the nugget of bigotry immediately showcasing as to why he so callously gunned-down Brown.

Wait... he didn't gun-down Brown in cold blood?

Then why are blacks rioting/looting/burning/stealing/and threatening more violence if they don't get 'justice' (and if you don't rebuild the business blacks looted/burned/stole from/and intimidated store employees of, well, "it’s gonna be hell to pay")?

Why indeed.

If you're paying attention to the intense display of racial loyalty broadcasting out of 67% black Ferguson, you'll know lines have been drawn and, to paraphrase the most important scene from Orange is the New Black, blacks understand it's vital that "they look out for our own."

Most white people will recoil with horror and incredulity at the thought of "we look out for our own," just as the white female anti-hero did in the first episode of Orange is the New Black

But it's the reality of life that too few white people want to accept. 



And a truism that, if neglected, will simply result in the complete dispossession of whites in America. 

To directly quote Orange is the New Black this time,  “Oh, don’t get all PC on me. It’s tribal, not racist.”

Which is why the report by Mother Jones highlighting the words of racial encouragement left by anonymous white donors to Officer Wilson GoFundMe page should bring a smile to the face of any white person beginning to realize the truths of prison should never be forgotten when the prison bars are invisible. 
Among the comments left by donors: 
"Ofc. Wilson did his duty. Michael Brown was just a common street thug." 
"Waste of good ammo. It's my privilege to buy you a replacement box." 
"Black people can be their own enemy and I am not white…He was shot 6 times cause the giant wouldn't stop or die. Evil people don't die quick" 
"All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity." 
"I am so sick of the blacks using every excuse in the book to loot and riot." 
"I support officer Wilson and he did a great job removing an unnecessary thing from the public!" 
The collection of comments above was compiled by Jon Hendren, a comedy writer in San Jose, California. Hendren told Mother Jones that he took screenshots of the comments on the page that seemed especially offensive and compiled them into one image using Photoshop. "There were maaaany more that were borderline or ambiguous or a small dollar amount that I would've also captured, but I got so annoyed that I began to get a headache, so I stopped when I did," he explains. 
A "headache?"

Anonymous white donors give money to Officer Wilson's GoFundMe page, while blacks loot/burn/pillage/steal/and threaten more violence if they don't get their way, and a few messages on the Internet give you a "headache?"

My message is far more blunt than any you've read, Jon Hendren: 'The Gentle Giant', the man the New York Times noted was "No Angel," Michael Brown got justice. 

As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch makes clear, in an article highlighting a (all-white) rally for Darren Wilson, those rallying for the Ferguson Police Officer still don't understand the truth espoused in the first episode of Orange is the New Black...
Supporters of Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown, gathered Saturday at a rally in south St. Louis, with many asking the public to withhold judgment on the case until the investigation is finished. 
“Everybody needs to pull together and find the truth,” said Jeff Swiney, who said he has friends who are police officers and wanted to show support for Wilson and the judicial process. 
“They put on their badge every morning and might not come home,” he said. “I appreciate that.” 
People came and went during the day, with more than 100 in attendance about 1:30 p.m. As many as 20 people stood along Chippewa Street holding signs with messages such as “Justice Comes In All Colors,” “I don’t support a race, I support the truth” and “Innocent until proven guilty.” Some motorists driving by honked in apparent solidarity throughout the late morning and early afternoon. 

Many in the largely white crowd wore T-shirts with a badge insignia that reads: “Officer Darren Wilson, I stand by you.” The shirts were for sale at a tablenear the entrance of the bar. A woman selling the shirts, who declined to give her name, said they had sold about 500 for $20 each over the course of the day. The shirts are also for sale at
She said media coverage of Brown’s death and the ensuing protests has been biased, and that supporters of Wilson have received death threats. “Can justice ever be attained if one side’s supporters live in fear of speaking out?” 
She would not identify herself. “You want my name?” she said, concluding the brief statement she read to a throng of media and supporters in the parking lot. “My name is Darren Wilson. We are Darren Wilson.” 
Many of the people at the rally also did not want to give their names or speak to the media, saying they worried they would be targeted for their support of Wilson. 
Several participants said organizers were asking participants to not give their names to reporters. “They want to protect themselves,” said the woman selling T-shirts.
If it wasn't about race, then why would the almost entirely white supporters of Darren Wilson be fearful of identifying themselves as public supporters of Darren Wilson?

What do they want to protect themselves from?

Oh, those same black people who almost universally believe Darren Wilson should be immediately charged with the murder of Michael "No Angel" Brown...

But it gets better. [Supporters of Ferguson officer Darren Wilson met by counter-protesters, Washington Post, 8-23-14]:
“They are saying it’s murder because a white officer killed a black man,” said Karen Kennedy, who attended the rally with her daughter Katie. “I don’t know where that comes from. This is about two men and the events that unfolded between them. We don’t have the facts yet.” 
The crowd was almost entirely white, and had organized through a Facebook group called “Support Darren Wilson.” Though the group has been active online since shortly after the Aug. 9 shooting, raising several hundred thousand dollars on Wilson’s behalf, this was the first significant public event. Some held signs outside the pub saying “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” or “Law Enforcement Officer Wife.”  
Passers-by were asked to honk in a show of support. Many did. 
“I don’t know him. The people here don’t know him, but law enforcement is family,” pub owner Rhea Rodebaugh said. “The poor guy is in hiding. He was doing his job. People who become police officers, they do it because they love it.” 
The rally was organized in part by a woman who stood before reporters wearing aviators and a ballcap, reading a statement of support. She refused to give her name. She also criticized media coverage of the case, calling it “unethical.” Since the shooting, Wilson, 28, has not appeared or spoken publicly, nor have any of his family members. 
At one point, a motorist raced up in a bright yellow car, braked abruptly in the middle of the street, danced, and flipped off the pro-Wilson people. She threw a juice can at them before pulling away. 
“You are disgusting!” screamed one protester at the Wilson supporters. 
The person who started the counter-protest, Nakarla Rimson, said they began with two people, and that as people drove by, they parked their cars and joined them. It was hard to keep things peaceful, but she tried to tell people to “allow everyone to have their opinion.” 
Tempers flared on the other side of the street, too, with some people screaming and making rude gestures of their own. By 8 p.m., the pro-Wilson organizers had moved their tables and chairs inside. 
“We are trying to get everyone inside to calm things down,” said one of the organizers, who declined to give her name.
Just as the heroic Chuck and Dawn of St. Louis found out when they dared show up amid the black "peaceful" protestors in Ferguson, showcasing signs supporting Darren Wilson, the story is one completely about race; were it not, the police wouldn't have immediately stepped in to keep the "peaceful" black protestors in Ferguson from tearing Chuck and Dawn limb from limb like some missionaries attempting to bring civilization to an eternally barbaric tribe...

Daring to stand by Officer Wilson, who by all accounts was merely protecting his life from being taken by an 'unarmed' Michael "No Angel" Brown (though his fist, which is anatomically at the end of the arm, did fracture Wilson's orbital bone...), is somehow "disgusting."

Remember: America is nothing more than an open-air prison for white people; you might not be able to see the bars, but they exist right in front of you.

If not, why would a white female supporter of Officer Wilson be afraid to show her face or give her name to the Washington Post reporter...

Just recall these words from Orange Is The New Black about the racial reality of life in prison: 
When Piper arrives, black women glare and white women smile; a new friend clarifies what’s happening. “We look out for our own,” she says—then, after Piper’s glance, adds,
“Oh, don’t get all P.C. on me. It’s tribal, not racist.” 
Conservatism Inc. would have you believe it's about tax breaks, family values, traditional morality, school vouchers, education, or keeping the American flag free of being the victim of pernicious flames (you know, a flag burning amendment...), but it's simply about "looking out for our own."

 Oh, and don't get all Ben Carson on me. It's tribal and it's about race: were it not Chuck and Dawn wouldn't have been immediately whisked away by police from the "peaceful" black crowds/protestors in Ferguson...

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