Sunday, August 31, 2014

Al Gore Is An Idiot

When, oh when will normal people finally wake up to the realization that so-called "climate change" is a liberal Democratic hoax in order to convince us that only one-world socialist government can save the planet from charring and melting down like a marshmallow on a stick?

Faked statistics. Cooked data. Bad science. Outright fraud. Politically motivated disinformation. Rubbish.

Not happening, people. No way, Jose. Nix, nada, nope, nein, nyet. It's claptrap from top to bottom. 

True, the world was getting warmer up until 1998, as part of the perfectly normal and historically recorded fluctuation in mean temperature which has been observed ever since measurements began to be taken in the late 18th century. Then in '98 we started on the downswing and the world began to cool. It will probably start to warm up again around 2025.

After normal people swatted his pompous, bloated ass down in 2000, Al Gore has deliberately deceived us all and made a hell of a good living doing so, laughing all the way to the bank.

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