Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Let There Be No Blood Between You"

In his last testament, Vladimir Lenin admonished his Bolshevik comrades in the new Kremlin regime about internal disputes: "Let there be no blood between you." 

In other words, don't actually kill or imprison one another in your internal intrigues and squabbles. Never argue in front of the children and certainly don't slap one another around in front of the kids. Stalin obviously threw that one out the window.

The System is not monolithic, never has been, and now at long last we have blood in the water between the two parties--and not before time. If indictments are flying now, can it be much longer before it's bullets?

The Democrats have used a stacked Grand Jury in San Antonio, the northernmost city in Mexico, to indict Republican governor Rick Perry because he used his veto power to try and force a disgraceful drunken fat hag of a Democrat District Attorney to resign the office she was contaminating.

The Democrats are licking their chops over Texas going blue around 2020, due to all the illegal Mexican voters now swarming in, and that may well happen. But the GOP is still powerful enough down there to put up a fight.

Now, will Perry and his crew have the balls to do just that? Or will he yield to the whining, puling RINOs to resign "for the good of the state," etc. and then spend the rest of his wrecked career in courtrooms battling what everyone in the country understands and accepts as bogus, politically-motivated charges from a Democrat drunk?

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