Wednesday, August 13, 2014

California Dreamin'

Fascinating idea, but it will never fly. There is simply no way the Democrats will break up their present giant honeycomb and allow three, perhaps four more red states with more Republican House and Senate members.

Plus, if the "rich" i.e.White states secede, how will the "poor" i.e. black and brown states leech off them for tax money?

Hollywood and its pocket of big money would very quickly flee from "West California" when they realized they were surrounded by nothing but blacks and cholos. 

There would be a mass migration of blacks and browns to Silicon Valley, North California and Jefferson, where there were still White people with wealth to pay taxes to support them. 

Central and South California would become essentially provinces of Mexico, economic deserts like Detroit writ large, with massive heat and brush fires.

Still, it's a grand vision. Wonder how long it will take to get completely slapped down by the Democrats? Wonder what the state's remaining White population will do once they realize that they are living in a one-party tyranny which has no intention of ever giving them a break?

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