Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trump And De Niggaz

Guys, what have I told you?

Trump's strategy is to use his anti-beaner and anti-Muslim rhetoric to get the majority White vote while using growing anti-mud and anti-camel jockey sentiment among de niggaz to shave a small percentage of black votes off the top (even the culluds is smart enough to see whose jobs and benefits the brown New Democrats are taking). 

The GOP establishment will be so impressed with an erstwhile Republican who can garner even a few shvugie votes and get a few endorsement from outpits like these "pastors" that they might even decide to give Trump a chance and not have him assassinated. They will view him as cracking the black Democrat monolith.

Another sign that this man is no fool; that's actually a pretty shrewd electoral strategy in the mess this country has become.

The trouble is, once again the White man gets knifed in the back. I say again, people, this is going to happen. Play with Trump and adore him and laugh with him all you want. Just don't expect too much.

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