Monday, November 9, 2015

The Sea Hag Fights Back

Looks like the Sea Hag has gotten back on board, at least, and she's calling in all her favors from within the regime itself, including this Clapper guy who apparently is a direct Obama appointee and would be acting on Barry's orders by "clearing" her.

Has Barry decided to withdraw his opposition and let the Sea Hag win, now that his houseboy Biden has refused to run? The alternative being a possible Donald Trump presidency if Barry and his Ho don't swallow their distaste for the nasty old White lady and her sleazeball hubby and let them back into "their" house at 1600 Pennsylvania?

Are they that scared of Trump? So scared that the Democrats have finally decided to let Hillary have her way?

Cynical question: is that why the Trump candidacy? Could Trump be one gigantic shill for Hillary, meant to create a monster under the bed so hideous in the contemplation that all the Hildbeest's multifarious internal enemies in the ruling party will flee to hide under her skirts in terror?

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